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The New Danube Bridge is unveiled – Bridge to nowhere?

The Galvan Bridge, which will be constructed in 10 years at the earliest, will serve primarily the demands of the Olympics, not the real needs of the citizens of Budapest. István Tarlós, lord mayor, and Balázs Fürjes, government commissioner, presented the plans for the next passage over the Danube, the Galvan Bridge, last week. The crossover connecting the 11th district with the nothingness of the Csepel mountaintop as well as the industrial sites of Illatos Street will be built, according to plans, in the depressingly far away future, between 2028 and 2033. There are valid reasons for building a bridge ... Read more

Hungarian Olympic Committee chief disappointed over deal on 2024, 2028

The agreement the International Olympic Committee (#IOC) reached with the cities of #Paris and #LosAngeles

Hungarian government: Budapest will still bid to host Olympics in future

Budapest launch bid to host 2023 IAAF World Championships

Jobbik, LMP, Socialist lawmakers initiate parliament probe into 2024 Olympic bid

The lawmakers initiated a parliamentary investigation suspecting massive corruption surrounding the bid! - #Budapest2024

It’s over – Budapest withdraws Olympic bid

The #Budapest Assembly voted on Wednesday in favour of a motion to withdraw the city's bid to host the 2024 #Olympic and Paralympic Games

Jobbik protests Lázár’s ‘threatening’ Budapest

Stummer mentioned Hungary's ailing health care as one possible area to spend the Olympic budget

Government yet to decide how to use funds originally aimed at financing Olympic plans

"Necessary development projects must be implemented even if no Olympics are hosted in Budapest"

No to Budapest2024 – Yes to the investments?

Several investments were promised to be carried out regardless of #Budapest2024...

Radio interview with prime minister Orbán – UPDATE

Orbán: For the past twenty plus years, we have tolerated the presence of these organisations, but when it came to the issue of migration, their behaviour was too much!

Jobbik blames Orbán, Fidesz, left wing for withdrawal of Olympic bid

#Jobbik: The government had raised corruption to the highest levels in the country

BREAKING NEWS – Orbán’s cabinet proposes withdrawing Budapest’s Olympic bid

Budapest, February 22 (MTI) – The government passed a resolution on Wednesday in which it proposed that the City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee should withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. The prime minister’s cabinet office told MTI that hosting the Olympics was a “national cause which requires unity”. Authors of the statement insisted that the initial unity had vanished in recent months and the Games had “become a cause for party politics out of a national cause”, and put the blame on the opposition parties “going back on their earlier decision” to support the ... Read more

Opposition parties: Missed opportunity to host Olympics government’s responsibility – UPDATE

Budapest, February 22 (MTI) – Any responsibility for missing the chance to host the 2024 Olympic Games will lie at the feet of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government, the opposition Jobbik party’s Budapest chief said on Wednesday. “People have had enough — not of the idea of the Olympic Games but of the arrogant and conceited behaviour of the Orbán government”, György Szilágyi told a press briefing before a session of the Budapest assembly. “People have had enough of the corrupt system first run by the Socialists and perfected by [governing] Fidesz,” he said. They could not bring ... Read more

Ruling party Fidesz: Budapest’s chances to host 2024 Olympics over

Budapest, February 21 (MTI) – Ruling Fidesz parliamentary group leader Lajos Kósa on Tuesday said he believed Budapest’s chances of staging the 2024 Summer Olympics are over. Kósa was asked at a press conference to comment on Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch’s remarks that Budapest should withdraw its bid to host the Games as soon as possible. “We shouldn’t really draw this out. The Metropolitan Council should make a decision [on the bid] within the foreseeable future,” Kósa said, noting that only the capital has the authority to decide the fate of Budapest’s Olympic bid. “Our dreams to host the Olympics ... Read more

Orbán voices uncertainty over outlook of Hungary’s Olympic bid

Budapest, February 20 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday voiced uncertainty over the outlook for Hungary’s bid to host the 2024 summer Olympics, saying that he wanted to make a national case for the Games, but if this proved unsuccessful then it must be seen that making a political cause out of the bid would not lead to victory. A new political group called Momentum has mounted a campaign to collect signatures with a view to securing a referendum on whether Budapest should host the Games. According to reports, it has collected around 266,000 signatures, twice the number ... Read more

Budapest mayor slams opposition for withdrawing support from Olympics

Budapest (MTI) – Budapest Mayor István Tarlós slammed opposition politicians who changed their minds and withdrew their support from Budapest’s bid to host the Olympics in 2024, saying that they broke the national unity that existed 18 months ago and betrayed the scheme. Tarlós told public Kossuth Radio on Sunday that “he had a problem with those” who turned a national issue into a party policy one. Referring to a petition for a local referendum on Budapest to withdraw its bid, he said that for a year and a half after the city submitted its bid, nobody was collecting signatures. ... Read more

Referendum on Budapest2024 – Budapest’s chances for hosting Olympics down – UPDATE

Budapest, February 18 (MTI) – The petition for a local referendum about Budapest to withdraw its bid for hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024 has significantly deteriorated Hungary’s chances in the competition to become a host city, the non-profit company that drafted the bid said on Saturday. “Over the past few weeks, a common national issue has turned into a party policy debate. The political unity supporting the Hungarian Olympics has broken up and without united political and community support Budapest has no chances to win in the race for the Olympics against Paris and Los Angeles, which are among ... Read more

Pedestrian and bicycle bridge to be built in Budapest

As part of the planned buildings of the FINA 2017 World Aquatics Championships, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Rákos-stream at Népfürdő street is to be built from the budget of the Municipality of the City of Budapest and with the help of national budget support. The construction of the bridge, which is realised within the framework of the “Preparation and implementation of the FINA Rákos-stream bridge and its connected infrastructure” project by the investment of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, aims to ensure the easy access to the venue of the event. The building of the bridge will start ... Read more