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Hungarian parliament committee endorses Matolcsy’s renomination as central bank governor

The central bank's interest policy has saved the state budget EUR 7.5bn in interest payments - #Matolcsy #NBH #MNB #NationalBankofHungary

US ambassador: I am truly saddened to see CEU leave

"We made no secret of the fact that we thought #CEU’s departure was bad for #Hungary" - US ambassador Cornstein

Hungary-Russia intergovernmental economic cooperation committee held meeting in Budapest

"#Sanctions #against #Russia have cost #Hungary 7 billion euros in lost exports"

Hungary’s authority ‘made no mistake’ in Gruevski procedure, says interior minister

"The #Gruevski affair impacts national security" - The head of the national security committee #Mirkóczki #Jobbik #hungary #hungarian #diplomacy #migration

LMP responds after Demeter comes under pressure to quit

MP #Demeter is expecting written answers from the interior and defence ministers and will act accordingly #LMP #Hungary #Hungarian #parliament

Demeter sole candidate for top LMP post

LMP’s parliamentary group leader, Márta Demeter, is running as the sole candidate for the green opposition party’s post of co-leader, which Bernadett Szél recently vacated. A vote will be held on Oct. 20 at LMP’s congress, a party official said in a statement on Friday. LMP is nominating lawmaker Péter Ungár to parliament’s national security committee to replace Demeter, Máté Kanász-Nagy, the party’s board chief, said. Demeter entered parliament as a representative of the Socialist Party in 2014 and left the group in early 2017. She joined the LMP parliamentary group in September of that year. She became a party ... Read more

Jobbik: Fidesz can’t protect Hungary

"If you claim being a protector of Hungary, you perhaps shouldn’t deny the existence of the people who were secretly granted refugee and subsidiary protection status" - Ádám Mirkóczki (#Jobbik) #hungary #hungarian #parliament #fidesz #government #nationalsecurity

Hungarian parliament committee approves changes to laws on tax, privacy, assembly

Parliament‘s legislative committee on Thursday approved amendments to laws governing tax, the right to privacy, public assembly, and election rules. The tax amendment would raise excise duty on cigarettes and tobacco in two phases, in September and then in January, so as to fall in line with the relevant European Union minimum tax rate. Another change affects the special migration-related tax covering financial support of the operation of organisations based in Hungary that facilitate migration. It expands the definition of support to include organisers of educational activities that promote migration as well as its direct or indirect promotion. Also, if ... Read more

EP committee to vote on Hungary rule of law report on Monday

The #European #Parliament's civil liberties committee to vote on #Hungary rule of law report #hungarian #eu #europeanunion

Parliament committee approves constitutional amendment proposals on banning homelessness

Constitutional amendment proposals on banning #homelessness #hungary #hungarian #parliament #rights

Swimming, success – LEN annual congress held in Budapest

Another #event at the Duna Aréna! #swimming #congress #success #meeting #Hungary

Ruling party MEPs boycott Parliament’s national security committee meeting

The meeting was called to request briefing on several suspected cases of money laundering and #fraud #hungary #hungarian #parliament #HungaryElection2018

Ruling parties to boycott national security committee meeting

"Soros's representatives are already sitting in the committee"

Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll. - Fidesz

LMP co-leader not welcome at national security committee hearing on ‘Soros Plan’?

#LMP's politicians "were lying up and down" all throughout last autumn's "National Consultation" campaign - #Fidesz

Hungary-Indonesia ties in focus at talks between foreign affairs committee heads

"#Indonesia is a democratic country and the #largest #Muslim #state in the world" - Hungarian committee head

EP committee head: Delegation made routine visit to Hungary

Delegation of the #European #Parliament's #budgetary #control #committee: This was the second visit to #Hungary after 2011

Parliament’s national security committee reconvenes

Parliament's national security committee held a special session behind closed doors

Hungary becomes full member of OECD cttee for development assistance

Paris, December 6 (MTI) – Hungary has become a formal member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC), foreign ministry state secretary István Mikola told MTI on Tuesday. Hungary will contribute to the DAC’s programme in the fields of agriculture, food security, environmental protection technologies and water management. Hungary will also have a role in putting together the DAC’s scholarship schemes, Mikola said. The state secretary said the DAC plays a key role in implementing the UN’s sustainable development goals. The DAC, which is a forum for donor countries to discuss aid flows to ... Read more

President Áder rejects Jobbik call for mediation in constitutional bill impasse

Budapest, December 2 (MTI) – Hungary’s President János Áder has said he does not want to intercede in the disputes of political parties. In response to opposition Jobbik seeking his intervention, Áder said disputes should be settled within the framework of parliamentary debates. Related article: JOBBIK SEEKS PRESIDENT ÁDER’S ASSISTANCE TO RESOLVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ISSUE In late November, Jobbik leader Gábor Vona asked Áder to help resolve the impasse that emerged around a government-proposed constitutional amendment and Jobbik’s precondition for supporting it, namely that residency bonds should be withdrawn. Ader told Vona the president was constitutionally obliged to express the unity ... Read more