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Orbán writes message of condolence at US embassy

After expressing his condolences, #Orbán and US ambassador #Cornstein held talks

Hungary sends condolences over Bush’s death

George H.W. Bush was the first US president to visit Hungary, in 1989

Hungary sends message of condolence after Pittsburgh shooting

Rest in peace! - #pittsburghshooting "Hungary stands by the United States in these difficult hours following the tragedy"

Poet Kányádi laid to rest in Szeklerland

Poet, writer and translator #Sándor #Kányádi was buried in his home village #szeklerland #transylvania #romania #hungary #hungarian

Poet Sándor Kányádi dies aged 89

Rest in peace! Poet, author, and translator Sándor #Kányádi died at age 89 #hungary #hungarian #literature #szeklerland #székelyföld

Backup for Hungary’s cosmonaut dies

RIP! #hungary #hungarian #cosmonaut #soyuz #szojuz

Hungary’s president sends condolences over New York terror attack

The president has sent a message of condolences to the US President

József Tóth, last surviving member of the Golden Team, passes away

Rest In Peace! Last surviving member of the Golden Team passes away!

Hungarian-born American Nobel-laureate George Oláh was laid to rest in Budapest

#George #Oláh, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1994, died at his home in Beverly Hills on March 8, aged 89

Photographer Ata Kandó dies, at 103

RIP #Ata #Kandó was born in #Budapest as Etelka Görög

Hungarian author Anna Jókai dies

Hungarian author Anna Jókai, an Artist of the Nation, has died after a long illness, at the age of 84. Born in Budapest in 1932, Jókai graduated at Eötvös Lóránd University of Arts and Sciences as teacher of history and Hungarian literature. She worked as a teacher in a primary school, then in a secondary one before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. Her first book, published in 1968 and entitled 4447, immediately attracted attention. Her subsequent novels and short stories, with their careful, elegant and almost classic design and with their power to give penetrating insights into the self, ... Read more

Hungary express condolences after London terrorist attacks

#LondonAttack - "In these difficult hours, we feel the deepest sympathy for the Brits struck by the terrorist attacks, and we are with you in spirit"

Hungary condemns Kabul bombing

Truck bombing in Kabul killed at least 90 people and injured hundreds more

Hungary expresses condolences to Queen over Manchester bombing – UPDATE

"Hungary is ready to take part in joint efforts to further strengthen the security of our countries and citizens" - President Áder