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Additional thieves caught at Budapest Airport

New events related to the #Budapest #Airport luggage thefts! #Hungary #Hungarian #criminal

Hungary, French justice minister discuss cooperation

They agreed on the need for tightening criminal codes with more focus given in particular to the area of victim protection #Hungary #France #cooperation #justiceminister #crime

Man brutally killed in East Hungary

The two men knifed the victim several times... #hungary #hungarian #police #crime #criminal

NAV busts crime ring planning campaign finance fraud

Investigators suspect that the crime ring had been planning to run four parties in the election

Thousands of Russian criminals might have received Hungarian citizenship

Five-six thousand criminals from the area of the former Soviet Union... #hungary #hungarian #citizenship

Light aircraft carrying migrants lands in Hungary – VIDEO

A light aircraft carrying 11 migrants entered Hungarian air space!

Burglars caught in Hungary after three-nation chase

The suspects stole a safe from an apartment in Germany on the 4th of January, 2018

Fidesz suspects broad left-wing involvement in Czeglédy corruption case

"Governing #Fidesz believes the #corruption #case of Csaba Czeglédy could involve the entire left wing of Hungarian politics"

Népliget murder case solved

At last, a criminal caught

Five years in hell – Hungarian drug smugglers in the prisons of Peru

Interesting interview Almost three dozens of Hungarian drug smugglers are currently imprisoned in Peru

Austrian police turn over German murder suspect to Hungary

The 52-year-old man is accused of having fired shots in a parking lot along the M5 motorway

Here is a new blockbuster movie in Hungary: The Whiskey Robber – TRAILER

Have you seen the film about the Whiskey Robber yet?