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August 20 – Hungarian gastronomy festival attracts tens of thousands – PHOTOS

#Budapest's Street of Hungarian Flavours gastronomy festival is waiting for you ;) #Ízekutcája #Hungary #Hungarian #gastronomy

A miraculous Hungarian-speaking village in Constanta

A small Hungarian-speaking village on the coast of the Black Sea shows how strong the Hungarian national identity is :)

Even Taiwan sends dancers to Csango Festival

Check out Csango Festival between between 8-13 August ;)

House speaker attends world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in Romania

Brassó, Romania (MTI) – László Kövér, Hungary’s house speaker, attended the opening ceremony of a world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in central Romania’s Brasov (Brassó) on Friday. In his address at the ceremony, Kövér referred to the efforts of the Csángó community and said that theirs was a “typically European fate”. He argued that the identity of Europeans was “under siege” and insisted that international “power groups” were bent on “making them masses unable to defend themselves and easy to manipulate”. House speaker attends world meeting of Csango Hungarians in Romania, photo: MTI Kövér said that even the identity of ... Read more

Csángó ball held in Brussels for first time

Brussels (MTI) – A Csángó ball, organised in part by the Office for the European Representation of Hungarian National Communities (HUNINEU), was held in Brussels for the first time on Saturday. Organisers said they hope the inaugural ball in Brussels will help make the event a biannual tradition. Klára Farkas Papp, head of the directorate of the HUNINEU foundation, said the foundation will aim to bring programmes to Brussels that showcase the values and cultural traditions of Carpathian Basin Hungarians. She said the Csángó community wants to preserve its unique dialect and Catholic beliefs to further enrich Europe’s cultural heritage. ... Read more

Foundation was established by the British heir to the throne in Transylvania

Kolozsvár (MTI) – Prince Charles, the British heir to the throne announced the founding of the Romanian Prince of Wales Foundation, staying in a private visit in Transylvania (in Hungarian: Erdély) – Digi24 television said. The foundation intends to pursue educational activities in the areas of heritage conservation, agriculture and sustainable development. Its headquarters will be in Szászfehéregyháza (Viscri), Brasso County, on the estate which was bought by the foundation of Prince registered in Britain. As the television, the foundation will renovate and convert the Saxon village estate into a training center. The conference room will be able to accommodate ... Read more

President Áder opens Csángó Ball in Budapest

Budapest, February 7 (MTI) – President János Áder opened the 19th Csángó Ball in Budapest on Saturday. In his opening address, the president said that national cohesion or national culture “cannot be outdated”. “Being Hungarian is thinking in Hungarian, praying in Hungarian, being in love in Hungarian and caressing our children with Hungarian words,” Áder said. The event was attended by US ambassador Colleen Bell, Zsolt Németh, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, and representatives of ethnic Hungarian communities. The ball, featuring folk dance programmes, concerts, exhibitions and other programmes at several venues, was organised by the Pro Minoritate ... Read more

XVIII. Budapest Csángó Ball on this weekend

Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – Folk traditions related to weddings will be shown at this year’s Csángó Ball this weekend in Budapest. Guests will be greeted upon arrival with Csángó pálinka and scone, and with Csángó folk music and dance at Petofi Hall near City Park, the organisers said. On the stage, members of the Csango community, a distinguished ethnic Hungarian group from Romania’s Moldavia region, will perform long-time traditions related to weddings, accompanied by music groups from the villages of Pusztina, Klézse, Lészped, Külsőrekecsin, Para, Gyimes and Sötétpatak. In and around the hall, Csángó folk songs and dances will ... Read more

Csángó Hungarian folk singer and educator Ilona Nyisztor received the European Citizen Prize

The European Citizen Prize is given to individuals that effectively promoting mutual understanding among the citizens of the EU Member States. The award has been presented to the Csángó educator and two other individuals in the EP Brussels headquarters on Wednesday by the President of the European Parliament (EP) Martin Schulz. Educator Ilona Nyisztor lives in Moldavia and was nominated for the award by MEP László Tőkés. The singer – teacher educates children to be tolerant and open towards other cultures by employing folk music and dance. In 1999, Ilona Nyisztor appeared before the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly to ... Read more