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DK launches signature drive to scrap Ukrainians’ eligibility for Hungary pension

"Do you agree that Russian and Ukrainian citizens who have never paid pension contributions in Hungary should be ineligible for Hungarian pension?" - #DK

Ministry: Political parties may delay penalty payments

The commencement of payments must take place from July 1

Opposition DK refuses to pay Audit Office fine

The National Audit Office (ÁSZ) has punished six opposition parties!

Opposition should choose PM candidate able to unify most parties, says PM candidate for Socialists and Párbeszéd

The opposition stands a chance at the spring election if they can convince people that the word "politics" does not stand for warfare and stealing, said Karácsony.

Fidesz suspects broad left-wing involvement in Czeglédy corruption case

"Governing #Fidesz believes the #corruption #case of Csaba Czeglédy could involve the entire left wing of Hungarian politics"

Democratic Coalition calls on V4 countries to decry ‘scandalous’ Budapest conference

Milo Yiannopoulos is an "openly, provocatively anti-minority, anti-Semitic representative of the American alt-right toting a Nazi attitude," - Democratic Coalition

DK leader hails agreement with Socialists for 2018 election

Gyurcsány expressed hope that DK would reach further agreements on election cooperation with other democratic parties

Socialists, DK agree not to challenge one another in individual constituencies

Socialist leader: "I think we have concluded a correct and fair deal"

Karácsony says PM candidacy conditional on common opposition national list

Socialist Party, Párbeszéd and the Liberal Party support drawing up a common national list but DK and Együtt do not! - Gergely Karácsony

Election 2018: Democratic Coalition party open to strategic withdrawals in individual constituencies

DK would be open to strategic withdrawal deals in individual constituencies to maximise the opposition side's chances of winning.

DK rules out cooperation with Jobbik

DK will reject any form of cooperation with the Jobbik party

Fidesz: Left wing hurt ethnic Hungarians 13 years ago, DK revives ‘hate campaign’

Fidesz: "Gyurcsány's lot have once again launched a hate campaign against Hungarians beyond the border"

DK: Orbán’s cabinet has alienated foreign allies

"The #Orbán government's "illusions" about the #Trump administration had evaporated."

DK party assumes government plans to ‘finance cronies’ from EIB loan

"There is good reason to assume that the government will use a new loan from the European Investment Bank to finance its cronies"