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Did Hungary’s Jobbik party change over the years?

Hungary's political parties believe that Jobbik hadn't changed over the years

Opposition parties vow to oust Orbán government

The Orbán government has over the past seven years kept wages low, destroyed education and health care and sunk deep in corruption - said Bernadett Szél, the prime ministerial candidate of LMP

Civil Unity Forum denies spending Magyar Villamos Művek donation on Gyurcsány-Vona posters

The Civil Unity Forum denies opposition Jobbik's claims that they lead a 'clown billboard campaign' against them

MPP: Gyurcsány waging a war against ethnic Hungarians

The Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) criticised DK's initiation

POLL: Fidesz received 44 percent support, Jobbik stood at 19 percent

Support for the Socialists dropped by a percentage point, to 5 percent #Hungaryelection2018

1956 – Former PM Gyurcsány: Government ‘enemy’ of free Hungary

"Fidesz party had nothing in common with the liberal Fidesz party founded in 1988" - Gyurcsány

1956 – Leftist parties mark anniversary of revolution

Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialists, Együtt, the Liberals, the Modern Hungary Movement (MoMa), Dialogue and Solidarity laid wreaths in commemoration of Hungary's 1956 revolution at martyr Imre Nagy's Budapest house on Monday.

Jobbik has largest voter reserve, says polls

"Around one fourth of #Fidesz supporters named #Jobbik as their second choice"

Fidesz MEP to turn to OLAF over left lawyer’s loan 

Czeglédy is currently in pre-trial detention, suspected of defrauding the budget of 3 billion forints

Opposition leftist parties discuss potential solutions to Hungary’s housing problems

Leftist parties discussed and generally agreed on a six-point proposal to resolve #housing #problems in #Hungary

Fidesz links ‘corrupt’ leftist opposition lawyer to former PM Gyurcsány

#Gyurcsány with financing #Czeglédy by providing a loan through his holding company Altus

Former PM Gyurcsány cautions supporters against gloating over Socialist misfortunes

"The road is open to Fidesz's defeat, the ruling party received 54 percent support in 2010, 45 percent in 2014 and will get thirty-something in 2018," - Gyurcsány #HungaryElection2018

DK against voting rights for those who have ‘never lived in Hungary’

"Romania Hungarians could expect further funds (from Hungary) only if they support the incumbent government" - DK

Botka resigns as Socialist PM candidate, Ujhelyi resigns as Socialist Party’s deputy leader – UPDATE

László Botka has resigned as the Socialist Party's candidate for prime minister - #mszp #Hungaryelection2018

DK to set up own election list for 2018

"It would stop "endless discussion" about a shared election list" - Democratic Coalition #HungaryElection2018