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Saturday’s demonstrations made great progress, opposition says

"#Demonstrations had taken place in cities which had not seen political action in the past 8-10 years" #Hungary #protest #labourcode #strike

Demonstration wave stirs up Hungary! Protesters call for unity – PHOTOS, VIDEO

People blowing #whistles and honking horns carried national and #EU #flags and a placard with the slogan "We are fed up". #Hungary #demonstration #protest #government DETAILS below:

Survey: Majority of Hungarians against strike, ‘opposition pushing own agenda’

The majority of Hungarians does not support a strike and the “opposition pushing their own agenda” in connection with recent labour code amendments, a recent survey by the Századvég Institute published on Friday showed. The survey prepared in the second week of January showed that 60 percent of Hungarians believe opposition parties and politicians were using the recent protests as an opportunity to push their own agenda. The majority reject a general strike in connection with the recent amendment of the labour code because it would hinder the operation and peace of the country disproportionately, Századvég said. Several demonstrations in ... Read more

Opposition parties stage anti-government demonstration in Central Hungary

The #demonstrators carried a banner that read "Resistance!" and chanted anti-government slogans #Hungary #protest #Orbán #labourcode

Opposition to query state-owned firms on implementation of labour code amendment

"The new rules were unpopular, a slew of multinational companies were also refusing to implement them."

Opposition holds anti-government protest in Békéscsaba

Opposition parties that do and do not have seats in parliament protested against the government as well as amendments to the labour code in Békéscsaba, in southeast Hungary, on Saturday evening. The crowd formed a procession, waving opposition party flags and banners on which “Resist!” was written. Chanting “We are not afraid!”, the protesters walked along the city’s main street to the city hall where they listened to opposition politicians who had arrived for the demonstration. Independent MP Ákos Hadházy said already 400,000 signatures had been collected supporting Hungary’s joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Anett Bősz, the head of ... Read more

Orbán’s cabinet: Brussels demonstration work of ‘Soros network’

"The #new #rules make it possible for employees to voluntarily #work more #overtime hours" #Hungary #labourmarket #demonstration

European and Hungarian opposition stage anti-government demonstration in Brussels

"We have to choose: Europe or Orbanistan" #Hungary #Hungarian #politics #opposition #demonstration

Trade unions submit list of demands to government

The #preparation of a nation-wide #demonstration for January 19 is already under way #Hungary #trade #union

Political commentator: no “mood for striking” in Hungary

"The #trade #union bubble will be the first to burst" #Hungary #demonstration

Protests held in Szolnok, Debrecen against labour code changes

Opposition parties and trade unions protested against the amendments to the labour code in #Szolnok and #Debrecen

Trade unions and oppositions held anti-government demonstration in Budapest – Photos

If the government fails to set up the committee by the deadline, the unions will hold a nationwide warning strike! #hungary #hungarian #demonstration

LMP to take part in Saturday opposition demonstration

Saturday's opposition and trade unions demonstration starts at 2 PM in Heroes' Square, Budapest #hungary #hungarian #demonstration

Anti-government demonstration held in Szeged

The participants of the event dubbed "Let's Protect Szeged" marched from the square through the centre of the city to a statue of Hungary's martyred PM Imre Nagy #hungary #demonstration #szeged #mszp #momentum #lmp #jobbik

Orbán cabinet: left-liberal opposition responsible for ‘violence’ in parliament

"In general everyone carries responsibility for the deterioration of relations of Hungarian public life" #hungary #hungarian #government

Demo staged in Budapest against removal of Imre Nagy memorial

The memorial, a bronze statue of Imre Nagy on a bridge, was removed in the early hours of Friday #budapest #hungary #nagyimre

Socialists initiate strategic consultations on EP elections

"Unprecedented and exemplary cooperation of opposition forces, trade unions and voters had created a common front against the Orbán regime" #socialists #mszp #ujhelyi #EPelection2019 #hungary #hungarian

Anti-government demonstration staged at presidential palace in Budapest – PHOTOS

Thousands take to streets in Budapest - Photos! Opposition: "President Áder is no other than Orbán's puppet" -