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Opposition mayoral candidates want greener Budapest, better public transport

They pledged to involve #Budapest residents in taking major decisions #Hungary #mayor #election

The Hungarian State Audit Office continues to financially undermine the Opposition?

With the upcoming EP campaign, three parties have been put into an extremely difficult situation #hungary #hungarian #jobbik #momentum #párbeszéd

Opposition: New PM’s office ‘overpriced prestige investment’

"The #government of Prime Minister Viktor #Orbán needs to gain prestige from the #Buda #Castle"

Jobbik executive vice president Gyöngyösi: Slavery act is unconstitutional and was passed b breaking the parliament’s house rules

Jobbik’s faction leader and executive vice president harshly criticized the way how the pro-government majority handled the voting process

Opposition slams goverment’s ‘anti-homeless’ measures

"The #government fails to help the needy and instead has introduced laws that put #homeless people into #prison"

Trade unions protest over proposed overtime regulations – PHOTOS, VIDEOS

"Together against the slavery law!" The crowd managed to break through the police lines and stormed Kossuth Square #Budapest #Hungary #demonstration

POLL – Fidesz’s popularity rises, Jobbik weakens

Extra #Fidesz support was at the expense of #Jobbik #Hungary #politics #poll

Opposition Párbeszéd calls on foreign minister to resign over Gruevski affair

Under a 1969 decree, #Hungary must extradite #Gruevski to #Macedonia since he entered the country without a passport - #Párbeszéd

Opposition Párbeszéd re-elects Szabó, Karácsony as co-leaders

Tímea Szabó and Gergely Karácsony were both re-elected unchallenged for another 18 months as the liberal opposition Párbeszéd party’s co-leaders at a party meeting on Sunday. Party members also voted to appoint members of Párbeszed’s board. Besides Szabó and Karácsony, the other members are: Zsolt Szabó, András Béres, Beáta Hegyesi, Bence Tordai and Péter Mach. At a news conference, Karácsony said Párbeszéd will campaign together with the Socialist Party in next year’s European Parliament elections (read more HERE). In the meantime, Párbeszed will seek out other partners for a wide-ranging “European alliance”. He said that whereas several opposition parties were ... Read more

Socialists, Párbeszéd to run joint list for EP elections

#Socialists (#MSZP) and #Párbeszéd will set up a joint list for next May's European parliamentary elections

Hungarian election body rejects opposition plebiscite bids

The Párbeszéd party submitted referendum questions on ensuring that state university tuition in Hungary remains in the public sector and is free of charge

Opposition Socialists and Párbeszéd to prepare jointly for EP election

"#EU #resources in many cases fail to take #Hungary closer to #Europe"

Opposition parties submit education bill aiming for fairer system

"Middle-class #families are rescuing their #children from the public #education xsystem"

Leftist opposition party launches referendum bid on free university tuition

The opposition Párbeszéd party is submitting a referendum initiative with a view to ensuring that university tuition in Hungary is free of charge, party board member Gábor Erőss told a press conference in front of the National Election Office building in Budapest on Friday. Currently, students are required to pay a tuition fee unless they qualify for a state grant. The party will submit the question: “Do you agree that students of state-funded higher education courses should not pay for tuition?” Erőss said that ruling Fidesz wants to “privatise” Budapest’s Corvinus University, to be followed by “all other institutions”, further ... Read more

Hungarian Audit Office proposes suspending state funding for two opposition parties

The State Audit Office (ÁSZ) has proposed suspending state funding for two opposition parties

Opposition Párbeszéd turns to immunity cttee over PM’s private jet trips

"There is much #confusion in #government #communication in connection with the #affair"

Opposition parties blast Orbán’s opening address

"The Sargentini #report is #critical only of the #Hungarian #government, not #Hungarians"

Opposition Párbeszéd, LMP demand hearings on govt residency bond scheme

The #threshold for the #residency #bond #purchase was set at 250,000 euros early in the #scheme and raised to 300,000 euros later on