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Court rules ten guilty for red sludge disaster

Red sludge disaster claimed ten lives and resulted in two hundred injuries! #vörösiszap

The most horrid floods in Hungarian history

#Devastating how many lives were taken, and how many homes were destroyed before there was proper #river regulation in #Hungary. #Hungarian #flood #catastrophe #Danube

Hungarian built bamboo chapels saved lives in Ecuador

Read the amazing story of a Hungarian couple! #couple #Ecuador #story #SouthAmerica #chapel

Hungary sends condolences over Indonesia tsunami

According to the information provided by our Embassy in #Jakarta #Indonesia, no Hungarians were affected! #tsunami #SundaStrait #hungary

Here are the ways Hungarians will be affected in case of a no-deal Brexit

Is anybody prepared for what's to come? #Brexit #Hungary #nobodyknows

Hungarian tourists stranded because of hurricane Lane

We hope everybody is safe and sound! #hurricane #natural #disaster #Hungarians #lane #hawaii #usa

Budapest Airport Terminal 2B closed by the National Disaster Management

There was a radioactive leakage yesterday evening #Hungary #Hungarian #airport #radioactive

Disaster management improved near Lake Balaton

The critical water level urges #improvements at #LakeBalaton #Hungary #Hungarian #weather #disaster

Hungarian beauty queen on humanitarian mission in Ghana

Beauty Queen Tímea Gelencsér in Ghana

Mosquitoes’ invasion: control starts soon in Hungary

Rainy weather resulted in the sudden development of mosquitoes

Video – Huge ice floes drift boats, houses and animals away on Tisza

Now the Tisza bank is one of the most dangerous place in Hungary because the icy flood is taking away ships, boats, summer houses and just anything in its path. [gallery size=”large” ids=”104923,104924,104913,104930,104922,104927,104911,104926,104910,104929,104928″]      

Appeals court orders retrial of red sludge case

Győr, February 6 (MTI) – The appeals court of Győr, in northwestern Hungary, threw out an earlier ruling in a case concerning Hungary’s 2010 red sludge disaster, and ordered new procedures in the case, on Monday. A year ago, all 15 suspects were acquitted of charges of carelessness and causing public hazard, harming the environment and violating rules of waste management by a local court in Veszprém, in western Hungary. According to the appeals court ruling, the Veszprém court had violated several procedural rules and “the logic which led to the acquittal of all defendants cannot be traced”. In Hungary’s ... Read more

What causes earthquakes in Hungary?

According to origo.hu, compared to other regions of the Earth, the Carpathian Basin counts as a relatively peaceful place from a seismic view. But the truth is that it is not peaceful at all. Due to the very deep plate tectonic processes, more than one million quakes bust the crust every year. The majority of these quakes can only be detected by special instruments, the number of moderately strong (at least magnitude 6 on the Richer scale) earthquakes is only around 200, while there’s only 2-3 truly destructive (magnitude 8 or more) earthquake every year. Hot upwelling from the depths ... Read more

Container holding hazardous material catches fire in Lake Balaton area

Budapest (MTI) – A container holding hazardous material caught fire in Balatonfűzfő, on the northeastern coast of Lake Balaton, on Friday afternoon, a spokesman for the Veszprém County Disaster Management Directorate told MTI. Ákos Helt said the fire, which has been extinguished, covered an area of about 70sqm on the premises of a local company. More than 20 firefighters were needed to put out the fire. A disaster management mobile lab has run tests to see if any hazardous material had been discharged into the air, but there was no need for any public protection measures to be taken, he ... Read more

Hungary sends letter of sympathy to Poland over mine disaster

Budapest, November 30 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed sympathy on behalf of all Hungarians to Polish counterpart Beata Szydlo over a mining disaster caused by an earthquake that claimed one life and the disappearance of several people in south-west Poland, his press chief said on Wednesday. Orbán expressed shock and said he trusted those unaccounted for would be brought to the surface in the next few hours. He offered Hungary’s help in the rescue operation, Bertalan Havasi said. One miner died and seven went missing when a shaft collapsed 1,100 metres below the surface in a copper mine ... Read more

Hungarian Catholics to send EUR 64,600 emergency aid to Italy earthquake victims

Budapest, August 24 (MTI) – The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (MKPK) on Wednesday said it will send 20 million forints (EUR 64,600) in emergency aid to the victims of the earthquake in central Italy that killed at least 73 people and left thousands homeless. In a statement, the MKPK expressed condolences to the families of those who were killed in the disaster. The aid will be sent through the Italian bishops’ conference, they added. The earthquake did most of the damage in the Marche region northeast of Rome.   Photo: MTI/AP/ANSA/Cristiano Chiodi

Hungarian leaders send condolences over Italy earthquake

Budapest, August 24 (MTI) – President János Áder and Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér sent condolences over the earthquake that claimed over 70 lives in central Italy in the early hours on Wednesday. In his telegram to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Áder expressed sympathy with families of the victims and with those who have lost their homes, the president’s office said. “On this sad day we also stand in spirit with the people of Italy, a friend of Hungary,” Áder said and expressed hope that restoration work can soon start in the disaster hit regions of Lazio and Umbria. Kövér sent ... Read more

Local protesters show outrage over red-sludge court ruling

Budapest, February 4 (MTI) – Around fifty people held a demonstration against the court ruling over Hungary’s 2010 red-sludge disaster, in western Hungary, on Thursday. The court acquitted all 15 suspects in the case of the country’s worst environmental disaster 6 years ago. At the demonstration staged in front of Veszprem city court, Károly Tili, the independent mayor of Kolontár, the settlement that was hardest hit, said local residents refused to accept the ruling. “Unless we join our forces, those responsible for the disaster will never be identified,” he said. Gábor Ferenczi, the (Jobbik) mayor of Devecser, insisted that the ... Read more

Local court acquits all suspects in red sludge spill case – UPDATE

Budapest, January 28 (MTI) – All 15 suspects in connection with Hungary’s red sludge disaster of 2010 were acquitted of charges by a local court in Veszprem in a non-binding ruling on Thursday. The court based its ruling on a lack of criminal activities, and acquitted the defendants of charges of carelessness and causing public hazard, harming the environment and violating rules of waste management. The court also established that the toxic spill had been caused by a “loss of stability” in the soil under the dams of a red sludge reservoir. Construction of the reservoir without a proper foundation ... Read more

Hungary marks fifth anniversary of toxic sludge disaster – Photos

Budapest, October 4 (MTI) – We must name those responsible, continue building, and return, every year, to remember, the state secretary for regional administration said in Kolontar, in western Hungary, on Sunday, marking the fifth anniversary of the country’s worst industrial disaster, a toxic sludge spill that killed ten and injured hundreds. Zoltan Kovacs, an MP of governing Fidesz who represents the district, said the government had acted with great speed after the disaster and spent 30 billion forints (EUR 95m) on the cleanup and reconstruction. Despite these efforts, it has been difficult to restore the peace of mind of ... Read more