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The European Union (EU) is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. 

Member state of the European Union

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

The relations between Serbia and Hungary have never been this good, says Hungarian FM

"If it depended on us, #Serbia would become a member of the #EU as of tomorrow" #Hungary #diplomacy

Government official: Sargentini ‘is attacking Hungary again’

Sargentini said she had been asked out of the #foreign #ministry during her visit to #Budapest

Visegrád Group x France: Hungary aims to revive EU’s competitiveness and security

It is "unacceptable" that #France should aim to "pass on" the effects of its "irresponsible #tax policies" to #Europe #Hungary #V4

Orbán cabinet: EU funds earmarked for support of migrants should be spent on border control

"Next month, Europeans should elect a European Parliament that fights migration instead of supporting it"

Beefed-up Frontex not enough to contain mass migrant flow, says Orbán’s advisor

"EU's move to bolster the staff of border agency #Frontex to 10,000 will not be enough to protect the borders from a massive inflow of migrants" - Orbán's advisor

EP approved of food double standards bill

#EuropeanCommission review of 64 products found 20 products with quality discrepancies between the products sold in eastern and western Europe

Preserving Christian culture important to majority of Europeans – Survey

Nearly 60 percent of EU citizens said Europe's Christian culture and traditions must be preserved, read more details HERE:

No. of Hungarians moving to Germany increases rapidly

More than 220,000 #Hungarians were registered at the end of last year. #Hungary #Germany #statistics

Socialist, Párbeszéd MEPs assess past EP cycle

"Orbán cabinet had no right to strip Hungarian citizens of their basic European rights".

Jobbik’s executive president urges for protecting the rule of law in CoE plenary meeting

We will keep fighting to the end for a free, democratic and safe #Hungary - #Jobbik MP Gyöngyösi #EPelection2019

EP election 2019 – Orbán: Fidesz only force able to represent Hungarians in Brussels

Here is #Orbán's first European parliament campaign meeting - #Serbia #Délvidék #Szabadka #Subotica #Fidesz #EPelection2019

Joint session of the Serbian and Hungarian governments held in Serbia

Serbia and Hungary have jointly succeeded in stemming illegal migration across the Balkans, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after a joint session of the Serbian and Hungarian governments in Subotica (Szabadka), in northern Serbia, on Monday. Orbán told a joint press conference held with his Serbian counterpart that Serbian acceptance of the fence Hungary built along the common border had been a “magnificent gesture”. He added that the border fence also benefitted Serbia because “migrants cannot travel on to Hungary and will therefore bypass Serbia”. The “real threat” of migration no longer impinges on the Balkans but emanates from Africa, ... Read more

Hungarian foreign minister meets Serbia ministers

"#Hungary cannot accept that the #EuropeanCommission artificially slows down #Serbia's integration" - #Hungarian FM Szijjártó #eu #europeanunion

Swedish PM ‘forcing migrants’ on Hungary, says Foreign Minister Szijjártó

What's your opinion? #migration #migrationquotas #eufund "#Swedish PM #Lofven is a known pro-migration politician who is now trying to force illegal migrants on #Hungary"

Autonomy is good both for the majority and the minority, say experts from South Tyrol

Instead of undermining, territorial autonomies strengthen the #cohesion of each country; therefore, the struggle for #autonomy should not be considered as a threat to #national #security like it is today in, for example, #Romania. #Hungary #Hungarian #Szeklerland #SouthTyrol #Italy #economy #government #peace #CarpathianBasin

EP elections – Socialists, Párbeszéd launch programme to help young people

#EPelection2019 - "It was vital for young people that #Hungary should remain an #EU member states" - Socialist MEP Ujhelyi

EP elections – Socialist-Párbeszéd urges euro introduction in Hungary

Introducing the #euro would make it clear that #Hungary "wants to belong to the core of #Europe rather than to its periphery"

EP elections – Socialists: EP elections crucial

"If nationalists like Le Pen, Orbán, Salvini and Kaczynski gain momentum in the May ballot, Europe's peoples can be fearful of their security, welfare and sovereignty and will face an uncertain future" #EPelection2019

PM Orbán addresses conservative party meeting in Brussels

#Orbán, citing polling data, said the European People's Party (#EPP) was expected to lose seats in the #European #Parliament

European Commission ‘pressure’ increases migration risk, says Hungarian FM in Luxembourg

The #EuropeanCommission's messaging regarding the #UN global migration compact was that more and more migrants should be brought to Europe - Szijjártó