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Hungarian Diaspora Day marked with conference on legal protection

"Those living in regions with large ethnic Hungarian communities should have the opportunity to study all subjects in Hungarian even in secondary school"

Human resources minister addresses international conference on integration of the deaf

"Sign language is the only means to fully integrate deaf people into society"

Hungarian National Ballet premiere: CLASSIC 47°N19°E

A brand new production from the Hungarian National Ballet :)

‘Verzió’ documentary film festival to show over 100 films

The festival focuses on the human dimensions of political, social, economic and environmental crises

5 iconic sport venues in Budapest

Must-see sights for sport lovers :)

Hungary marks anniversary of 1956 Soviet reprisal

The Hungarian government in 2013 declared November 4 to be a national day of mourning.

The Sziget aftermovie has arrived – the Love Revolution begins – VIDEO

"Sziget believes in embracing diversity, respecting human dignity and looking out for each other"

Hungary to host world military cross country championships

Fully 246 competitors of 27 countries are expected to compete

Is Hungary already conquered by Halloween celebrations?

Have you participated in Halloween celebrations? :)

Explore Budapest while playing a fun quest game

A great opportunity to explore the hidden details of the Hungarian capital city

The overflying cranes at Hortobágy make all Europe marvel at Hungary

Join the Crane Festival at Hortobágy during the long weekend!

The best European TV Movie at Prix Europa: Memo by István Tasnádi

Are you interested in watching the Hungarian winner movie?

The Hungarian State Opera kicks off its 10th tour around Japan

#Hungarian #State #Opera’s 18-performance tour in #Japan!

Programme guide for the 23rd of October

How the country commemorates the 23rd of October

World Press Photo Exhibition in Budapest – the last chance to be part of it

Have you already visited the World Press Photo exhibition in Budapest? It's still not too late ;)

Hungary in the home straight for World Athletics Championship

Do you support Budapest to organise the 2023 World Athletics Championship?