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Video of Hungarian teenage girl reaches more than a million views on Facebook

Do you think that these apps are dangerous? Share your opinion in the comments! #tiktok #videos #hungarian #teenagers #danger

Hungary’s number one influencer: PM Orbán

What do Viktor Orbán's social media sites tell us about the Prime Minister? #ViktorOrbán #primeminister #socialmedia #posts #influencer

Ruling party spokesman: Anti-migration content censored with Soros’s money

"It's #frightening and #disappointing, and as regards the #future, it's #thought-provoking"

Mark Zuckerberg about Hungary and the Hungarian election at his Congress Hearing

#Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned #Hungary and the #Hungarian #election2018 at his Congress Hearing #facebook #scandal #data #technology

Election 2018 – Origo: Soros-funded activist group trying to ‘hack’ campaign with ads

Origo says that the group named Avaaz "is putting out a huge amount of paid internet ads for Soros's opposition candidates" #hungary #hungarian #HungaryElection2018 #GeorgeSoros #Facebook

Hungarian company would create an encrypted “Facebook”

#Hungarian #company would create a new #Facebook with much more #privacy #idea #technology #Tresorit

Orbán: The use of Facebook’s database for campaign purposes is unacceptable

On Tuesday the European Parliament invited Mark Zuckerberg to explain the scandal which has recently emerged in relation to his company #hungary #hungarian #facebook #elections #USpresidentialcampaign

World stunned by Hungarian male ballet dancer’s pole dancing routine – VIDEO

When you combine art, ballet and sport...:O #Hungary #poledance #video #art #PéterHoloda

Facebook users outraged by a Hungarian truck driver – VIDEO

What a driver... #Hungary #video #truck #transport #Waberer's

Hungarian Travelingmonkey starts up UK-focused site

Dear UK readers, this might be a useful site for you ;) #Hungary #travel #Travellingmonkey #initiation #UnitedKingdom

Facebook Marketplace available now in Hungary too

Users can sell and buy products and items easily via Marketplace

Cybercriminals target personal data of blood donors after attacks on banks

#cybercriminals - Recent attempts to get hold of the personal data of bank clients targeted Raiffeisen, Budapest Bank, OTP and Erste Bank using fake prize games as bait on Facebook

A Hungarian girl makes amazing pictures from stones

Amazing work by The soul of stone

Hungarian fans trolling on Chicago Fire’s Facebook page

We have recently reported that the player of the Hungarian national football team, Nikolic Nemanja has been signed by Chicago Fire as a designated player. The American team welcomed him with high hopes. They also shared several posts on their Facebook page to introduce the new player, which were flooded by Hungarian fans and the most hilarious comments. Check out Chicago Fire’s Facebook page if you have a few spare minutes, because Hungarian fans put on quite a show. In the beginning they only commented on the posts that concern Nikolic, but then started leaving recurring comments on basically every ... Read more

“He should resign!” – The Katinka Hosszú – Tamás Gyárfás battle continues

According to index.hu, this year’s last big swimming competition, the Short Course World Championships will be held in the Canadian Windsor in the beginning of December. Katinka Hosszú, aka “the Iron Lady”, published a fed-up statement one day before the official announcement regarding the Hungarian team members. The Hungarian Swimming Federation claims to face Katinka’s accusations without understanding it. Due to the declarations of Tamás Gyárfás, the president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, the Iron Lady decided that it was time to speak up again. She tore apart the contract offered by the president in January, and now she went even ... Read more

Hungary’s cheekiest and most beautiful cat came out with its own book

Thousands of people follow and love Erzsébet Fenevadová (Elizabeth “the Beast”) and her wisecracks on Facebook. According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, the book about the life of this special cat already passed the newest Harry Potter at the pre-order stage. But who is Erzsi? Erzsébet Fenevadová, or Erzsi, is a beautiful and straightforward cat. She’s been one of the favourites of Hungarian Facebook user for years. She has a dirty mouth, she loves to talks politics, she is open about her private life and discusses the weekly public life happenings with her fans. Her fans can’t wait to read her wisecracks, remarks and ... Read more

Increasing number of Hungarians get news via social media

Budapest, October 12 (MTI) – An increasing number of Hungarians access news via social media, a survey by Kutatópont released on Wednesday showed. Altogether 65 percent of Hungarians use the internet and 67 percent have a profile on social media. Of the people who have social media profiles, 74 percent read news from this source and 60 percent shared the information online at least once a month. In the representative survey of 2,000 people conducted between Sept. 1 and 15, people rated the significance of their new sources on a scale of 1 to 5, awarding television 4.2 points, friends ... Read more

The most liked Hungarian celebrities on Facebook

According to 24.hu’s analysis, the most surprising thing you see when checking the list of Hungarian celebrities with the most Facebook followers or likes is that out of the Hungarian politicians only Viktor Orbán has so many followers that would get him into the circle of Hungarian celebrities. Numbers never lie and, as Forbes has reported, fitness guru Réka Rubint has the most fans on Facebook (circa 755,000). She is closely followed by singer-songwriter-comedian Tibor Kasza (circa 748,000). The bronze medalist is the popular singer, Mary Nótár (circa 508,000). Of course, this doesn’t mean a lot, considering that Réka Rubint never ... Read more