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Emigration: easy way out or a life-long dilemma?

An important and highly relevant issue to talk about. What is your opinion?

Budapest, the artistic heaven of Hungary

"Budapest is the city where the diverse artistic style of Hungary is the most palpable."

The best St. Martin’s Day dishes in Budapest

Some last-minute tips for today's St Martin dinner Enjoy your meal!

‘Verzió’ documentary film festival to show over 100 films

The festival focuses on the human dimensions of political, social, economic and environmental crises

The Sziget aftermovie has arrived – the Love Revolution begins – VIDEO

"Sziget believes in embracing diversity, respecting human dignity and looking out for each other"

Let’s promote sustainable and respectful tourism in Budapest

"Travel. Enjoy. Respect. Welcome to Budapest where respectful tourism matters" :)

Is Hungary already conquered by Halloween celebrations?

Have you participated in Halloween celebrations? :)

The best European TV Movie at Prix Europa: Memo by István Tasnádi

Are you interested in watching the Hungarian winner movie?

Jupiter’s Moon cashed in 10 awards at 6 international film festivals

Congratulations to Kornél Mundruczó and the filming crew of Jupiter's Moon

5+1 interesting things about Debrecen

It's time to take a trip to Debrecen :)

Hungarian film Kincsem huge success in the USA too

Kincsem's success is unbreakable :)

The fanciest pancakes of Hungary awaiting guests

One of Hungary's favorite desserts will be the main attraction of #Pancake #Festival

Winners of Armel Opera Festival to be staged in London

Winners of the #Armel #Opera #Festival in Budapest will be staged on Sept. 19 in London's #Hackney #Empire #Theatre

On this weekend: Budapest’s Millenaris Park to host ‘Nyelvparádé’ language fair

18th Language Parade/Nyelvparádé - Entrance is free of charge "Hungary comes last in the language rankings, with the fewest number speaking foreign languages in the EU"

The 2017 Strand Festival was a huge success

What a way to end the summer! :)