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LMP: ruling parties seek to boycott the operation of national security committee

Earlier this week, co-leader of green opposition LMP was banned from a committee hearing on the "Soros Plan"

Fidesz: Soros-backed organisations already attacking ‘Stop Soros’ bill

Fidesz MP: the bill is about Hungary refusing to become an "immigrant country", refusing to accept economic and illegal migrants

Socialists to submit ‘Stop oligarchs’ bill to parliament

This is in response to the 'Stop Soros' law package

Socialists file complaint against Orbán for nationalising private pension funds

Socialists: 'the ruling parties have wastefully spent the monies instead of implementing the guarantees to preserve them'

Fidesz-KDNP had selected candidates to contest all individual constituencies – Election 2018

The Fidesz national board has endorsed the public’s rejection of the “Soros Plan”, the ruling party’s head of communications told a news conference on Tuesday.  In the resolution, the board rejects the endeavour to transform Hungary into a country of immigrants, Balázs Hidvéghi said. The party calls on the government to use every possible means to halt the implementation of the “Soros Plan” and initiate laws, if need be, to counter the “Soros network’s” efforts to organise migration, he told a press conference. Hidveghi also said that the Fidesz-Christian Democrats had selected candidates to contest all 106 individual constituencies in ... Read more

Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll. - Fidesz

Freedom House: Hungary is the least democratic country in the EU

In the recent report dubbed Freedom in the World, Freedom House qualified Hungary as a free country but gave it 72 points out of 100, the lowest among European Union member states, and four points down from last year’s score. The rights organisation expressed concerns stating that Hungarians are increasingly afraid of expressing their political opinions because of what it termed as the growing intimidation of NGOs and the opposition. Freedom in the World 2018 – Democracy in Crisis By Michael J. Abramowitz, President Political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than ... Read more

LMP co-leader not welcome at national security committee hearing on ‘Soros Plan’?

#LMP's politicians "were lying up and down" all throughout last autumn's "National Consultation" campaign - #Fidesz

Socialists call for basic public utilities package

Socialists propose introducing a basic package for public utilities

‘Soros network’ continues attacking Hungary, says Fidesz MP

The "network" of US billionaire George #Soros will continue to attack Hungary, with operations in the country, as well as in #Brussels and in the #United #States - #Fidesz

Fidesz’s mayors hold conference on migration, ‘Soros plan’

Fidesz's mayors of local authorities held a conference on Friday in Budapest to discuss illegal migration, decry the so-called "Soros plan"

Opposition PM candidate: Majority of Hungarians want change

He described ruling Fidesz as the best-organised minority

Fidesz suspects broad left-wing involvement in Czeglédy corruption case

"Governing #Fidesz believes the #corruption #case of Csaba Czeglédy could involve the entire left wing of Hungarian politics"

Fidesz: Hungary openly attacked for rejecting resettlement quota

Hungarians have expressed their will: they do not want #Hungary to become an " #immigrant #country "

Fidesz calls on government to withstand ‘Brussels pressure’

"We are shocked to see that Brussels keeps forcing an ill-advised #migration #policy" - #Fidesz

Jobbik speculates Orbán’s cabinet planning to drop utility bill cuts scheme

"The business of Lőrinc Mészáros, a friend of PM Orbán, had acquired a stake in Mátrai Erőmű, Hungary's second-biggest power generator." - Jobbik

Orbán cabinet: European Commission action against Hungary exhibits ‘double standards’

"The lawsuit against the countries that reject the quota is nothing other than a way to exert political pressure"

Jobbik slams Orbán’s plan to ask voters for donations 

Thousands of billions of forints have disappeared, over which Orbán alone now disposes, and this man is now asking voters for money - Jobbik

Democratic Coalition calls on V4 countries to decry ‘scandalous’ Budapest conference

Milo Yiannopoulos is an "openly, provocatively anti-minority, anti-Semitic representative of the American alt-right toting a Nazi attitude," - Democratic Coalition