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Did Hungary’s Jobbik party change over the years?

Hungary's political parties believe that Jobbik hadn't changed over the years

European Parliament appoints Lívia Járóka as an EP vice president

MEPs of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats welcomed Járóka as being the first Roma to be appointed to the post

Socialist MEP: Hungary must remain within EU

Do you think that ruling Fidesz has become "extreme anti-Europe"?

Opposition parties vow to oust Orbán government

The Orbán government has over the past seven years kept wages low, destroyed education and health care and sunk deep in corruption - said Bernadett Szél, the prime ministerial candidate of LMP

Hungarian lawmakers discuss cultural ties in Israel

The visit served to further boost bilateral relations

Serbia’s VMSZ party urges Vojvodina Hungarians to register for election

"We have an interest in the steady continuation of the process that began after 2010"

Christian Democrats: Brussels has chosen migrants over protecting Europe

Hollik said the entire reform proposal had "the Soros plan and the influence of Soros organisations on Brussels written all over it".

Election committee rejects LMP board member’s Paks referendum initiative

The NVB also rejected a referendum initiative on giving men with 42 years of health insurance coverage the option of early retirement.

Parliament to vote on cancelling mandatory chimney inspection for family homes

#Lawmakers will also vote on amendment proposals by the government to improve competitiveness and changes that will affect the handling of #migration

EU to discuss Hungarian initiative on honey, beekeepers

Imported Chinese honey of often dubious origin is causing Hungarian and other European beekeepers a headache

POLL: Fidesz received 44 percent support, Jobbik stood at 19 percent

Support for the Socialists dropped by a percentage point, to 5 percent #Hungaryelection2018

Vona: Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary

Jobbik's International Press Conference - Gábor Vona, chairman of Jobbik analysed current political situation and declared that Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary

Fidesz: Scientology church’s request to Socialist member of parliament ‘astonishing’

Németh said it was "surprising" that opposition politicians, including Molnár, had stood up for the church in the past. 

Fidesz proposes amendment to law on campaign financing

"Under the effective law, individual candidates failing to canvas 2 percent of votes have to pay back the 1 million forint (EUR 3,231) received for their campaign" - Gergely Gulyás (#Fidesz) #HungaryElection2018

1956 – Jobbik leader Vona calls for unity to oust government

"I no longer care about what separates us, but rather the things that bind us together" - Vona

Jobbik urges govt parties to submit its proposed amendment to Constitution as their own

"#Jobbik made it clear already at the beginning of the #migrant wave that they would not accept any refugee settlement quota"