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IT experts needed in Hungary

There is great need for IT experts in Hungary, and English is much more important for them than maths though higher education concentrates on the latter.

Hungary stands by request for EU contribution to border fence

The government insists that the fence is the solution rather than organising migration

Market boom in household energy efficiency?

Household energy efficiency could become a 1,200 billions HUF (EUR 3.84 billions) worth market in Hungary that could help small businesses.

Hungary supports Egyptian government’s efforts against terrorism

"Egypt relies on Hungary also in its capacity as a member of the Visegrád Group"

Did you know that in Hungary, if you want lower gas prices all you have to do is ask?

People of Mezőkövesd wanted lower gas prices. András Tállai made it happen.

Foreign minister: Hungary strives to build effective ties with South America

"Hungary has offered 560 scholarships to students of Latin American countries"

Businesses, households to make EUR 830m-900m in tax savings next year

"More generous tax preferences for families with two children will save taxpayers 15 billion"

Socialist MEP: Hungary must remain within EU

Do you think that ruling Fidesz has become "extreme anti-Europe"?

Parliament passes campaign financing repayment law amendment

Parties that receive less than one percent of votes cast for party lists in the general election will have to repay the state funding provided for their campaign.

High rate of internet freedom in Hungary

What do you think about authorities blocking or filtering online content?

Hungary’s health care devastated

Hungary's devastated health care is at the bottom of OECD's lists regarding life expectancy and health care expenses per capita.

Subsidiary protected refugees in Hungary?

While there is an ongoing campaign against immigration, never has been given more subsidiary protected status to refugees than in 2017.

America sees Hungary as pro-Putin state

Hungary needs to develop direct contacts to American investors because State Department considers it as a pro-Putin state.

Jobbik supports autonomy, voting rights for ethnic Hungarians

Jobbik would "drop the practice of mixing up nation policy with party politics"