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Incredible! 40% of Hungarian medical students want to work abroad

Fundamental changes in healthcare would be needed to make them stay.

40,000 Asian people in Hungary

181 different nations populate Hungary right now

Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll. - Fidesz

Freedom House: Hungary is the least democratic country in the EU

In the recent report dubbed Freedom in the World, Freedom House qualified Hungary as a free country but gave it 72 points out of 100, the lowest among European Union member states, and four points down from last year’s score. The rights organisation expressed concerns stating that Hungarians are increasingly afraid of expressing their political opinions because of what it termed as the growing intimidation of NGOs and the opposition. Freedom in the World 2018 – Democracy in Crisis By Michael J. Abramowitz, President Political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than ... Read more

Vona accuses Orbán cabinet of misleading public over migration policy

Jobbik leader Gábor Vona on Tuesday accused the government of misleading the public over migration. The opposition leader cited deputy state secretary Kristóf Altusz as saying in an interview to a Maltese newspaper that Hungary had taken in 508 refugees in 2015, 432 in 2016 and 1,291 last year.  Over the past three years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “generated mass hysteria” in Hungarian society over the issue of migration, spending 22 billion forints (EUR 71m) on a referendum campaign and “National Consultation” public survey and promising that Hungary would not allow the forced settlement of migrants, Vona said. Yet the ... Read more

Socialists call for basic public utilities package

Socialists propose introducing a basic package for public utilities

Hungary’s construction output climbs by over 30 pc in November – UPDATE

#hungary #contruction #output In the civil engineering segment, construction of highways and railways supported the increase.

Fidesz’s mayors hold conference on migration, ‘Soros plan’

Fidesz's mayors of local authorities held a conference on Friday in Budapest to discuss illegal migration, decry the so-called "Soros plan"

Socialists: Government fails to give credible account of border protection costs

"The responses show that the government is spending taxpayer money"

Jobbik seeks explanation for Hungary’s admission of 1,300 refugees

"If the government had indeed admitted those refugees to Hungary, then the "National Consultation" surveys were all just part of a show"

Foreign minister: Romanian PM’s remarks regarding Hungarian autonomy ‘unacceptable’

"The remarks are completely unacceptable and incompatible with European values and the 21st century"

Hungarian parties outraged by the remarks of the Romanian Prime Minister

"Tudose's words cross every line, are unprecedented in European politics"

Socialists demand proof for existence of ‘Soros Plan’

The party insists that the "Soros Plan" did not exist but was "invented by Fidesz's PR machinery"

Foreign minister: Chinese financing is best for Budapest-Belgrade rail project

The exact cost of the financing will become clear after the completion of the public procurement

Would the changing of the European Asylum System create further incentive?

“This would represent an even greater problem in view of the fact that the migrants would also be distributed to places that are not immigrant countries”

Hungary’s President sets April 8 as the date of the upcoming general election

Time to vote! Find out how the system works, how and when you can vote!

Survey: Fewer Hungarians earn minimum wage

The number of employed in Hungary is 4,450,000.

Hungarian State Secretary: the work of the authorities on terrorism is criticised

The case of Ahmed H, who lead a migrant riot at the Röszke border crossing station in 2015 continues

Hungary is above EU average in drawdown of grants in Brussels

The Minister of State expressed hope that the entire EU grant allocation may be received soon after 2020

Government office chief: Hungary ready to contribute more to EU budget

"We are convinced that you can't have more Europe from less money," says Minister of Prime Minister's Office János Lázár