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Employment rate among Hungarians with reduced work capacity reaches 40pc

"More than 600,000 Hungarians live with some form of disability"

26 Exercises for Wheelchair Users – Infographic

Do not restrict your wellbeing to a #wheelchair! Have a look this great infographic ;)

Hungarian and Hollywood celebrities to support foundation helping the disabled

These celebrities prove that they are all just humble human beings like us :) #maciaukció2018 #fogasjörökbeegymacit #charity #is #cool #disabledpeople #teddybear #schwarzenegger #antoniobanderas

’Nagy Lépés’ courier company – entirely unique in Europe – works with disabled people in Budapest

This unique workplace in Budapest provides a job opportunity for those with autism or with disabilities.

Hungarian teenager develops robotic hand

Young Hungarian girl developed an incredibly #cheap #prototype of a #robotic hand. It would only cost about 12 Euros.

Jobbik: Opposition MPs banned from donating for charity in Hungary

Jobbik: Opposition politicians are no longer allowed to give donations to an institution for handicapped children #hungaryelection2018 #hungary #hungarian #charity #politics #jobbik

The tech breakthroughs that could empower people with disabilities

Though there are numerous ways that technology can transform the lives of people around the world

Hungarian application gains international success

Yet another Hungarian invention to be proud of. Helping other people is cool!

Here you can find Hungary’s first open-air integrated gym

The first integrated gym and playground of Hungary opened on June

Hungarian government to support NGOs helping people with disabilities

The tenders are open until Wednesday to organisations

Hungarian ministry condemns suspected abuse in home for disabled

"It found poor hygienic conditions, malnourishment and residents with open and untreated wounds"

Hungary’s government to launch job programme for disabled

Hungarian government will launch a three-year, 13.4 million euros rehabilitation and job facilitation programme for the disabled

Együtt party calls for change in attitude about disabled

Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Együtt party calls for a change in attitudes towards people living with disabilities, a statement sent to MTI on Saturday showed. Despite 600,000-700,000 Hungarians living with permanent health damage and disabilities, the change in attitudes has been very slow and some government decisions suggested that the interests of people living with disabilities were less important than others. The party said it was “symbolic” that during the revamp of Budapest’s third metro line, building disabled access to some of the stops is planned to be omitted in order to cut back on the project’s total costs. ... Read more

Hungarian team exceeds all expectations at Rio Paralympics – PHOTO GALLERY

The Hungarian team won 1 gold, 8 silver, and 9 bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, finishing at 47th place on the medal table out of 162 country. Based on the number of medals, Hungary took the 21st place at the Paralympics, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu writes. 18 medals mark the third best result of all time for the Hungarian Paralympic team. “Ten medals were a realistic goal, but it only goes to show how strong the Hungarian sport and the Hungarian athletes are that we’ve managed to exceed these expectations. We’ve won almost twice as many medals as we’ve set out ... Read more

Hungary’s Paralympics team takes oath for Rio2016

Budapest, August 28 (MTI) – The Hungarian athletes competing in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro on September 7-18 took their oaths on Sunday at a ceremony held at the National Theatre in Budapest. Hungary’s President János Áder greeted the competitors in a letter and wished them good luck at the Games. The Brazilian Ambassador to Hungary Valter Pecly Moreira also conveyed his personal greetings to the team and said he had no doubt of their success in Rio. The head of the Hungarian Paralympics Committee László Szabó welcomed Géza Imre, a silver medalist and current world champion in men’s ... Read more

Rehab Critical Mass for accessible society organised for Sunday

Budapest (MTI) – Rehab Critical Mass, a march organised for the third year to call attention to the importance of an accessible society, will be held in Budapest this Sunday. The aim of the march is to bring visibility and strengthen support and lobbying power for disabled people in Hungary. In its first year in 2014, about 3,000 attended the march. This rose to 6,000 last year and organisers expect even more people to turn up this year, Judit Surányi, one of the main organisers, told public news channel M1 on Monday. When the march was first held two years ... Read more