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The best Hungarian baths to visit this winter

Even though #Winter set in, many Hungarians like to spend their #weekends with #wellness, good news, as many of the bigger #baths are open around the country during the Winter too.

HR minister: Government to launch hospital consolidation, wage hike

The #government also plans #housing help to make the xprofession attractive to #young #workers #Hungary #healthcare #hospital #labourmarket

Tragedy! woman dies because of radiologist shortage in Hungary

Lack of doctors slowed down the #examination #process, costing the life of a #Hungarian woman

Orbán: ‘New blood’ needed in European Parliament – Interview

"No democracy is perfect, including the one in #Hungary, but democracy in Brussels (#EU) is even further away from perfect" - PM #Orbán #hungarian #europeanunion

British woman dies as a result of plastic surgery in Budapest

Her grieving husband warns everyone not to have plastic surgery in Hungary #plastic #surgery #health #death #woman

Matrix holistic centre opens in Budapest

They offer to help their clients live a wholesome life :) #hungary #budapest #holistic #center

Health-care wages to grow by 72 pc over next 4 years in Hungary?

The wages of health-care sector public workers, district nurses and health-care workers without higher education qualifications will rise by 72 percent over the next four years, the human resources minister said on Thursday. The pay rises will be implemented in four phases between 2019 and 2022, Miklós Kásler told reporters. The health-care workers concerned will first see their wages increase by 8 percent from July 2019, then by 14 percent from January 2020. Wages will increase again by 20 percent in November of that year and then by another 30 percent in 2021, the minister said. The government will spend ... Read more

Green opposition LMP calls on government to fight to lower CO2 emissions

Green opposition LMP has called on the government to fight to lower carbon dioxide emissions and support the fight against climate change at international forums. Erzsébet Schmuck, who heads the parliamentary committee for sustainable development, told a press conference on Thursday that the government should increase green areas which can absorb greenhouse gases and give priority to brownfield investments over greenfield projects. She cited a recent report by the UN World Meteorological Organisation’s saying that in 2017, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the air was record high. This is a consequence of growing emissions, lack of green areas, and ... Read more

Budapest Honvéd hospital’s neonatal unit to close due to labour shortage?

In the end, it will not be closed #Hungary #Hungarian #hospital #labourshortage

The best hidden spas of Hungary

Many people are unaware of these #baths, but locals swear by them and they happily recommend them even in colder #weather. #Hungary #Hungarian #water

Did you know? The world’s greatest biologically active thermal water is in Hungary

The world’s greatest biologically active thermal still water can be found in Hungary. There is no other lake like this on the whole planet.

Tragic! twice as many Hungarians die under 65 than the EU average

What are your #experiences with the #Hungarian #health care system?

Could energy drinks cause death? – Warning from the Hungarian Society of Cardiology

According to the latest Spanish research, a significant amount of death caused by circulatory problems among young people is connected to the consumption of energy drinks.

This Hungarian dad delivered his wife’s pregnancy on the side of the highway in a traffic jam

He delivered his wife’s baby on the passenger seat of his own car on the side of a highway without any qualification. His only help was a dispatcher on the phone.

What is the average Hungarian like?

If you are interested in how the average Hungarians look like, take a peek at this article.

The 53-year-old Hungarian ironman who swam, cycled and ran for 222 hours and won

He swum more than 38 kilometres, cycled 1,800 kilometres and ran 420 kilometres, but he does not rest. Could you do the same? #Hungary #Hungarian #ironman #athlete #sport #extremesport #running #swimming #cycling #ultratriathlon #racemachines

A Hungarian documentary about Bud Spencer to premiere this week

The creation is a portrait movie showcasing Carlo Pedersoli’s oeuvre and exceptional personality

The debt of Hungarian hospitals has greatly increased

The expired debt of hospitals has increased by 15.6 Million € in October, this means that the total of debt has become 160 Million € according to the Hungarian State Treasury

Hungarian emergency wards overflown by patients

At least two-thirds of #Hungarian #emergency #wards face daily challenges in operation #Hungary #healthcare #hospital