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Who is to blame for the lack of thousands of doctors in Hungarian hospitals?

Thousands of doctors are needed in Hungary, further wage raises are advised by chamber

Incredible! 40% of Hungarian medical students want to work abroad

Fundamental changes in healthcare would be needed to make them stay.

Emigration: thousands of Hungarian doctors work in Germany

Emigration of doctors causes more and more problems in Hungary.

Federation of the blind and partially sighted marks centenary

The government is supporting the rehabilitation of those who have lost their sight as adults and has extended its related service to the provinces

Labour shortage: overloaded and underpaid nurses

Labour shortage has become critical in the health care sector; nurses are not only underpaid but even overloaded. As a result, they prepare to go on strike.

Medical cannabis in Hungary? Here is where it can be used

Do you support the use of cannabis in medical treatment?

Hospital divisions closed due to holidays

In theory, it will not cause the patients any problems

Waiting lists still very long in Hungarian hospitals

Waiting lists are still unbearably long in Hungary, for example, patients have to wait 470 days for a spine surgery. Many choose private healthcare.

Lack of medicines to become chronic in Hungary

The list of medicines in short supply is becoming longer every day in Hungary; however, ordering them online might be dangerous.

Hungarian state does not promote vegetarianism

Do you think children should decide whether they want meat or not?

The Hungarian “saviour of mothers” who died a horrible death

Many children and mothers owed their lives to this Hungarian doctor

Republikon Institute holds conference on ties between Soros and Hungary

"In the mid-1990s Soros turned to supporting health care and education, providing equipment such as computers"

Critical influenza pandemic approaching

Vaccination can be decisive in this period

Hungarian medical missions in Africa – PHOTOS

Why do mainly Hungarian women take part is these types of charity mission in Africa? Read details here:

Great Hungarian discoveries: Vitamin C

Have you heard about this famous Hungarian?