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The art of sewn flowers – Kalocsa embroidery

The greatest challenger of Matyó embroidery

The Hungarian girl who wanted to become the Queen of the Albanians

Geraldine Apponyi wanted to be for the Albanians who Sissy was for Hungarian people, says mno.hu. Her life story was beautiful and tragic at the same time. We’re back in 1927; a 23 year-old fatherless countess works as a shop assistant in the gift shop of the Hungarian National Museum. Geraldine Apponyi had to take the job because her family was impoverished. She received the job with the intercession of her kin, István Zichy, director of the museum, therefore she was rather well paid. She also worked in the tourist pavilion of the museum, since she studied in the US and ... Read more

8 unforgettable quotes from the greatest Hungarian doctor, Dr Bubó

Please, leave a comment if you know who Dr Bubó is! :)

Happy Birthday Dear Budapest!

Let's celebrate our beloved capital city! :)

Anyone born Hungarian anywhere in the world should be able to remain Hungarian

FM Szijjártó assured Hungarians living in Transcarpathia of the Government’s special support

The compass of Pécs: the TV Tower

The Tv Tower has become the symbol of Pécs throughout the years.

4+1 things you did not know about Budapest’s underground railways

Let's set aside the chaos caused by the consequences of M3's renovation for a few minutes.

Hajós, the town of wine cellars

The only problem will be deciding which wine to try first ;)

Villány wine region, paradise of palaeontologists

Check out who lived in the Villány wine region 200 million years before humans.

Pandas lived in Hungary 10 million years ago

Every day we learn something new :)

Europe’s biggest Persian rug is made in Hungary

An extraordinary Persian rug is being made in Hungary

The Hungarian founders of Hollywood

It might surprise you how big a role Hungarians played in the early days of Hollywood

Budapest Nyugati railway station is 140 years old

In honour of these 140 years, let's have a look at the station's history! :)