Budapest Classic Film Marathon to pay tribute to Hungary’s Jancsó, Törőcsik, Jankovics

In Spetember: The Budapest Classic Film Marathon, the capital city's largest international film event

Four US researchers starting in Budapest Fellowship Program for 2021-22

???? The four US researchers will focus on Hungarian history and culture, and they will also get an opportunity to...

5 great autumn events in Hungary

Five events to enjoy at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #autumn #event #travel #tourism

Polish-Hungarian Summer University participants adopt joint declaration on Europe’s future

The participants called for a strong Europe and a fundamental reform of the EU, which they said should take into consideration the views of young people in central Europe ????

Justice minister: Poland, Hungary represent common sense in EU

Poland and Hungary's common sense is desperately needed in an EU "whose institutions are flying the goal of becoming an empire on the star-studded flag" ????

Hungary marks its National Holiday with magnificent fireworks – Photos

Hungary marked August 20 with wonderful fireworks ???