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The story of the Indian Frida Kahlo born in Hungary – Photo Gallery

Amrita Sher-Gil has been called the #greatest #painter of the 20th century #Hungary #India #art #history #story

Indian education programme captivates Hungarian children – Interview

Empower your #children with BrainobrainBudapest! #Hungary #education #development #skills #abacus #Brainobrain

The story of a forgotten Hungarian animal photographer

Hungary's most famous animal photographer who set new standards in photography #animal #photography #history #photos #wild #India #Africa #story

DiningHour app offers cheap eats during off-peak hours

Great idea! The Hungarian application DiningHour, which offers diners discounts for ordering meals during off-peak hours, has launched!

India’s Flex Films to build EUR 71.5m plant in Hungary

#India is currently the ninth most important #investor in #Hungary #trade #economy

Hungarian-Indian documentary awarded by UN

Rupa's Boutique was a huge success at Stanford University

Is Budapest a car-friendly city?

Which city do you think ranked #1? Interesting list about the interoperability of 100 cities by car

HungaryTrends – The week in business and finance

#Orbis to buy #Budapest hotel for more than 42 million euros

The harmony of Indian flavours in the heart of Budapest – MahaRana Indian Ayurvedic Restaurant

MahaRana Ayurevdic is proud to represent traditional Indian flavours in Budapest :)

Budapest plays itself in the Bollywood love story – VIDEO

Budapest is a perfect scene for a love story, watch the Trailer:

Tata creates 500 jobs at global service centre

India's Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has created 500 new jobs at its Budapest-based global service centre

HungaryTrends – The previous week in business and finance

Hungary's main business and financial news from the previous week

Apollo Tyres: The world’s most advanced tire plant to start production in Hungary

The opening ceremony of a new Apollo Tyres plant at Gyöngyöshalász, details:

Prime Minster Viktor Orbán meets India leader

Budapest, October 16 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met Vice President of India Mohammad Hamid Ansari for talks in Budapest on Sunday. After the talks, Orbán said in a press statement that “Hungary needs investors like India”. He argued that Hungary is approaching full employment and that the country has “run out of its labour force”. Mohammad Hamid Anszari, vice president of India and Viktor Orbán, photo: MTI/ Noémi Bruzák Orbán said that Hungary’s technologies call for continuous improvement, which requires investment from foreign countries, including India. He noted that in the past two years India had made the ... Read more

The Airbnb of weddings created by two Hungarian women

Letting strangers come to your wedding, one of the most intimate days of your life, might seem weird at first. But in India, where weddings look like huge and expensive festivals, the opening up of your wedding to tourists, who are even willing to pay for it, seems much more logical. According to index.hu, this is what two Hungarian women realised when they started Join My Wedding, the Airbnb of the wedding industry. Most people love to go to weddings. Imagine a couple with a completely different cultural background from ours, whose wedding wouldn’t only be a party or a feast, but ... Read more

Foreign minister in India – India’s Sona to build HUF 4.2 bn plant in Hungary

Budapest, July 5 (MTI) – Indian automotive industry supplier Sona will build a 4.2 billion forint (EUR 13.2m) plant in Polgár, in north-eastern Hungary, the Hungarian foreign minister said after talks in New Delhi on Tuesday. The investment will create 130 jobs, Péter Szijjártó told MTI in a phone interview. In addition to India, Sona has plants in the United States and Germany. An agreement was also reached on establishing a joint venture between pre-fabricated building company Gremound Hungary and a local partner to participate in India’s programme to build 20 million low-rent homes, he said. Another agreement could give ... Read more

Ganges-Danube Cultural Festival of India this weekend

Travelo.hu writes that, to celebrate the World Day of Yoga (June 21), many cities in the country will contribute to the Ganges-Danube Cultural Festival of India between June 17-19. The programmes include dance and music performances, a film screening, an Indian martial arts show and gastronomy related events, while, of course, the visitors can enjoy several yoga classes. In honour of the World Day of Yoga the Indian Embassy in Hungary organizes several interesting programmes to attend, calling attention to the importance of Indian culture, and the healthy and conscious living through the ancient and traditional art of yoga. Hence, the Embassy, along ... Read more

Hungary to open two trade houses in India

Budapest, June 3 (MTI) – Hungary is opening two new trading houses in India this year, one in the north and one in the south, a government official said on Friday. The Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH), set up by the Hungarian state to find new opportunities for Hungarian companies on foreign markets, will open the two offices before the end of the year, foreign affairs and trade state secretary László Szabó said after the fourth meeting of the Hungarian-Indian Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation. Representatives of MNKH and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) signed ... Read more