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Connected by a fish – Get to know Hungary’s new partner in Japan

The #city of #Koriyama also has a diverse #touristic scene and is happy to welcome #visitors from all over the #world :) #Japan #Hungary

Nobu – The tasty form of self-gifting in Budapest

"A #meal here is worth a hundred #holiday feasts" #Hungary #Budapest #food #gastronomy #Nobu

Nissan expanding business service center in Budapest

#Nissan would be in #Budapest for the long haul #Hungary #car #investment

The 10 most renowned Japanese Sake producers visited Hungary

They are on a #Central-European #tour aiming to break into the #market and their first #stop was in #Budapest where they presented 40 different kinds of #Sake. #Hungary #Hungarian #alcohol #Japan #Japanese #nationalpride #ricewine #EmbassyofJapaninBudapest

Conference on the economic partnership agreement between the EU and Japan held in Budapest

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between #Hungary and #Japan #hungarian #japanese #eu economic #partnership #trade

New battery production plant to be constructed in Miskolc

The 170 Japanese companies operating in #Hungary employ some 25 thousand people #hungary #japan #company #factory

The Hungarian State Opera kicks off its 10th tour around Japan

#Hungarian #State #Opera’s 18-performance tour in #Japan!

Fujitsu and Hungarian biometrics corporation BioSec join forces for secure future

#Fujitsu has entered a partnership agreement with Hungarian #biometrics corporation, #BioSec #Group Ltd.

Japanese win first two golds in world judo championships

First two gold medals: #Japanese victories in #Budapest World #Judo #Champioships 2017

The Japanese prince and princess visits Hungary

Japanese dignities in Hungary

Members of Japan’s Imperial Family visit Hungary

Members of Japan’s Imperial Family visit Hungary :)

Hungary’s foreign minister in Japan talks on expanding food exports, autos investments

Tokyo, February 14 (MTI) – Hungary’s foreign and trade minister has agreed with Japanese counterparts on expanding Hungarian food exports to Japan and on investments in Hungary’s autos industry. Péter Szijjártó told MTI by phone on the second day of his official visit to Tokyo that Japan is not only Asia’s biggest investor in Hungary but also an important export market for Hungary. It imports premium products such as Herend porcelain and is Hungary’s second most important export market in Asia. Among the agreements, Szijjártó highlighted one on launching the export of wild boar meat. The minister also met officials ... Read more

Hungary’s foreign minister visits Japan

Tokyo, February 13 (MTI) – Japan has now become Hungary’s leading Asian investor, the Hungarian foreign minister told MTI by phone on Monday, the first day of his official visit to Japan. Péter Szijjártó said that 151 Japanese companies employ a total 31,000 people in Hungary, and noted that seven of those businesses have been included in the government’s strategic partnership programme. The 151 firms have invested a combined 4.4 billion dollars in Hungary, he added. Concerning his talks, Szijjártó said that agreements had been signed with four further companies which would invest 26 billion forints (EUR 84m) in Hungary ... Read more

Unveiling of a 20.6 million euros investment in Hungary by Japan’s SIIX Corporation

Budapest, November 16 (MTI) – From Jan. 1, Hungary’s state investment-promotion system will be overhauled so that budget support for investments is funnelled to companies not only on the basis of how many jobs they create but also taking into account their technological standards and value-added, the foreign affairs and trade minister said on Wednesday. Péter Szijjártó told a news conference that central funding would be available to companies that bring new types of technology to Hungary as well as those that maintain existing workforce levels. Further, the support system for training will also be transformed so as to ensure ... Read more

Parliament speaker holds talks with Japanese PM, lower house president

Tokyo (MTI) – Hungarian Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as with Tadamori Oshima, the speaker of the lower house of the Japanese parliament, the Hungarian parliament’s press chief said on Friday. At the talks the sides reviewed Hungarian-Japanese political, economic, educational and cultural relations and discussed the possibilities of strengthening cooperation between the two countries’ parliaments, Zoltán Szilágyi told MTI. Kövér told his partners that Japan is a highly important strategic partner for Hungary and developing bilateral relations was in Hungary’s interest. Fostering EU-Japan ties is equally important for Hungary, he ... Read more

House speaker holds talks with Japanese parliament upper house president

Tokyo, May 12 (MTI) – Hungarian House Speaker László Kövér met Masaaki Yamazaki, the president of the upper house of the Japanese parliament, during his official visit to Tokyo, he said on Thursday. At the talks Kövér expressed hope that his current visit will pave the way for a more intensive cooperation between the two countries’ parliaments, the house speaker told MTI in a statement. Masaaki Yamazaki said the visit by the Hungarian delegation led by Köver is a highly important step in further strengthening relations and cooperation between the two countries. Concerning bilateral economic ties, Kövér noted that Japan ... Read more

Japan’s most popular word in connection with Hungary

Nick Kapur, an American historian revealed which words Japanese people search for the most in connection with European countries. The study was based on Japanese Google’s autocomplete suggestions, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports. Surprisingly, the most curious thing about Hungary was not gulyás, paprika or even Ferenc Puskás. The most searched-for Hungarian word is lard, which is pig fat, the main ingredient of many traditional Hungarian recipes. Other countries’ food specialties, such as the Romanian honey, the Belgian chocolate, or the Bulgarian yoghurt were also popular. Other finds reveal that, according to stereotypes of European countries, the Netherlands is famous for their tulips, ... Read more

Japan Credit Rating Agency upgrades Hungary outlook to positive

Budapest (MTI) – Tokyo-based Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) has upgraded the outlook of Hungary’s long-term issuer ratings from stable to positive, the economy ministry said on Thursday. JCR’s Foreign Currency Long-term Issuer Rating for Hungary is BBB and its Local Currency Long-term Issuer Rating is BBB+. The outlook for both ratings is changed from stable to positive, JCR said in a news release. JCR said Hungary’s financial system will improve, citing the conversion of FX mortgages into forint at the beginning of 2015 and the establishment of an asset management company (MARK) to purchase non-performing commercial real estate loans ... Read more