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Election 2018 – High voter turnout could facilitate government change, says Vona

#Vona: #Jobbik is a "real government-changing power" #Hungary #Hungarian #election

Election 2018 – Jobbik to help Hungarians abroad with election participation

The party believes that the national election office contains only "rudimentary, badly organised information" on the voting sites #Hungary #election2018 #Jobbik #generalelection #Hungariansabroad

Election 2018 – Jobbik launches manifesto

The party promises to raise Hungarian wages to the European Union average #Hungary #election2018 #Jobbik #manifesto

Election 2018 – Jobbik would reform pensions, boost general health care

Some 300 general practices are currently vacant in Hungary, leaving around 400,000 people without a GP - Gábor Vona #hungary #hungarian #HungaryElection2018 #jobbik #healthcare #pensions

Orbán’s keynote speech: Opposition party reactions

The Hungarian head of government is robbing the country in a way that would shame the mafia" - Jobbik #hungary #hungarian #jobbik #fidesz #government #orban

Jobbik urges scrapping of daylight-saving time

What do you think about the issue of #daylight-saving? #Hungary #Jobbik #proposal #GMT

Public prosecutor calls State Audit Office’s bluff: Jobbik committed no unlawful act

In its press release issued last October, the State Audit Office claimed it turned to the Public Prosecutor to prove that Jobbik refused to cooperate during the audit process

Jobbik: Opposition MPs banned from donating for charity in Hungary

Jobbik: Opposition politicians are no longer allowed to give donations to an institution for handicapped children #hungaryelection2018 #hungary #hungarian #charity #politics #jobbik

Opposition to file complaint against House Speaker Kövér over comments on redrawing of electoral map

The recording of Kövér could be taken as a confession that Fidesz had "cheated" in the 2014 election - #Socialists #hungaryelection2014 #hungaryelection2018 #housespeaker #hungary #hungarian #election

Who would win the 2018 elections in Hungary if social media decided?

If the number of Facebook-followers were transferred into votes in the forthcoming 2018 elections, Jobbik would win with a giant lead.

International think-tank: Fidesz’s victory migh threaten Hungarian democracy

According to #Policy #Solutions, Fidesz’s victory might threaten democracy. Left wing parties gave up the elections, so Jobbik became the main challenger.

POLL: Fidesz is the most popular, Jobbik is the strongest opposition party

Among committed voters, the governing alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats has more potential votes in the bag, 54 percent, in the upcoming general election than all the opposition parties combined, according a fresh poll by the pro-government Nézőpont Institute released on Saturday.  In the survey of 2,000 voting-age adults conducted between January 3 and 21, 40 percent of the entire sample expressed a preference for the ruling alliance, an increase of 3 percentage points compared to Nézőpont’s December reading. The opposing Jobbik party notched up 7 percent, its worst result since 2014, while the Socialists stayed at 5 ... Read more

Vona: Jobbik has only realistic plan for change of government

#Jobbik has the only realistic scenario for how to unseat the #Fidesz government. - #Vona #Hungaryelection2018

Jobbik to field candidates in all constituencies

"Jobbik will run independently with the aim of replacing the government"

Opposition parties slam Budapest’s secretive migrant policy

"Budapest's leadership had rightly completely sided with refugees but amid a general hate campaign against migrants"

Jobbik sees Orbán’s migration policy as failed

"The government media is silent about crimes committed by refugees in #Hungary" - Gábor Vona (#Jobbik)

Fidesz and Jobbik have changed palces internationally, says Jobbik MP – Interview

If Jobbik wins the Hungarian elections in April, these will be the first steps: #hungary #jobbik #dipmlomacy #foreignpolicy #usa #russia #china #HungrayElection2018

Jobbik promises education, home-creation schemes for young people

The leader of the party criticised the current education system in Hungary, saying the emphasis should fall on developing English-language and IT skills