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Anti-Hungarian atmosphere strengthening in Romania

Hungarian leader Kelemen Hunor's Star of Romania decoration was suggested to be taken away last week. Many regarded it an anti-Hungarian act.

Did Hungary’s Jobbik party change over the years?

Hungary's political parties believe that Jobbik hadn't changed over the years

Hungary’s health care devastated

Hungary's devastated health care is at the bottom of OECD's lists regarding life expectancy and health care expenses per capita.

Jobbik lawmaker denies claims that the party stigmatises Roma and gays

Do you find the way Jobbik talks about these minorities to be offensive?

Opposition parties vow to oust Orbán government

The Orbán government has over the past seven years kept wages low, destroyed education and health care and sunk deep in corruption - said Bernadett Szél, the prime ministerial candidate of LMP

Jobbik supports autonomy, voting rights for ethnic Hungarians

Jobbik would "drop the practice of mixing up nation policy with party politics"

Opposition calls for ‘minimum standards’ in education

Opposition parties discussed the topic of education

Civil Unity Forum denies spending Magyar Villamos Művek donation on Gyurcsány-Vona posters

The Civil Unity Forum denies opposition Jobbik's claims that they lead a 'clown billboard campaign' against them

Jobbik accuses Hungarian authorities of glossing over Azeri corruption charges

Staudt said it would have been the task of police and the public prosecutor's office to launch an investigation and scrutinise the subject accounts.

POLL: Fidesz received 44 percent support, Jobbik stood at 19 percent

Support for the Socialists dropped by a percentage point, to 5 percent #Hungaryelection2018

Vona: Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary

Jobbik's International Press Conference - Gábor Vona, chairman of Jobbik analysed current political situation and declared that Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary

Import labour will not help Hungary prosper, says Jobbik

"Workers would arrive from non-EU countries, and a part of them would stay in Hungary, suppressing wages" - #Jobbik

1956 – Jobbik leader Vona calls for unity to oust government

"I no longer care about what separates us, but rather the things that bind us together" - Vona

Jobbik urges govt parties to submit its proposed amendment to Constitution as their own

"#Jobbik made it clear already at the beginning of the #migrant wave that they would not accept any refugee settlement quota"

Jobbik rejects Orbán’s plan of setting Asian guest workers in Hungary

Orbán’s plan to settle masses of Pakistani and other third-world workers in Hungary is unacceptable - Jobbik

Jobbik: We will restore freedom of the press

"The Media Council, now filled up with Fidesz delegates, allows the entire spectrum of the Hungarian media market,"

Jobbik wants joint V4 parlamentary assembly

Jobbik initiates the establishment of a joint permanent parliamentary assembly of #Visegrad #Group (#V4) countries