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Parliament votes to declare January 13 day of religious freedom

The motion was approved unanimously #Hungary #parliament #publicholiday #vote #religion

Government to submit stricter version of ‘Stop Soros’ bill

A significantly stricter version of the earlier "Stop #Soros" plan was submitted yesterday, with the hopes of making it even harder for #non-governmentorganisations to financially support #illegal #migration #Hungary #hungarian #news

Survey: Hungarian university students study less, work more to get by

We are not heading in the right direction. The #survey results are not looking good. #hungary #hungarian #education #university

When elections become business: 250 registered parties in Hungary

The number of registered parties is constantly rising in Hungary because many think about the 2018 elections as a perfect opportunity for making business. #Hungaryelection2018 #Hungary #Hungarian #election

Ruling alliance lawmakers walk out of national security committee meeting

LMP leader said lawmakers of the governing parties "thwarted" the meeting

Babies are sold for millions of forints in Hungary

There is a growing number of families who would like to adopt a child in Hungary. Thus, adoption is quite a relevant topic to discuss. The problem is that more and more people decide to make money off of their unborn child by selling the baby to desperate couples. RTL Klub made a report on the issue, where they posed as a couple waiting to adopt a baby, and they posted an ad online, reports Index.hu. Here is what happened. There are approximately 2,000 families waiting for a baby to adopt, and there are 20,000 children waiting to be adopted. ... Read more

Meeting with rapporteur of EP report concerning the launching of Article 7 concluded

“It is obvious that the timing of the procedure is also no accident, in view of the fact that there will be elections in Hungary in a few months’ time”

Viktor Orbán: Hungary stands by Poland

Hungary's supporting Poland is "in the interest of central Europe"

Hungary’s legal changes taking effect on Jan. 1

Hungary faces several legal changes as of Jan. 1, 2018 Details:

Fidesz: National unity of dual citizenship now prevails

Ethnic Hungarians have the right to vote for a national list but not for a candidate of an individual constituency

Ombudsman requests assessment of child-care services

Every third child taken into care is deprived of a family upbringing due to their family's financial constraints.

Landlords to save billions of forints in 2018

Next year, property owners will benefit from lower red tape and substantially lower tax liabilities.

Viktor Orbán: Debate in EU about freedom

"The EP is the politically most motivated part of the Brussels machinery"

European Commission steps up infringement of Hungary over laws

The EC steps up infringement procedures against Hungary concerning EU migrant quotas, the transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and higher education.

Foreign minister: Hungary, LIBE ‘in serious dispute’ over illegal migration

"When Hungary is being attacked, the target is a country that has become through its own efforts part of the solution from part of the problem"

Parliament enacts stricter punishment for paedophiles

The years of imprisonment were doubled

Opposition parties urge promulgation of Istanbul Convention

On average, one woman dies every week and one child every month as a consequence of domestic violence