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Hungary parties divided on outcome of EPP meeting

Regardless of Orbán's explanations, this is definitely a huge defeat" #Hungary #EPP #EU #Fidesz #Orbán

March 15 – Opposition parties hold joint demonstration

"Everyone who is a #patriot today must revolt against the #Fidesz #government" #Hungary #politics #opposition #demonstration

Opposition parties criticise Orbán’s state-of-the-nation address – UPDATE

Opposition parties criticised PM Orbán's state-of-the-nation address and challenged him on the state of democracy #lmp #jobbik #momentum #mszp #dk #liberals

Late-night demonstration held against chief prosecutor’s office in Budapest

"#Hungary could only turn back from this path if the #opposition parties, #trade #unions and #civil #groups show #solidarity towards each other and unite"

Opposition to query state-owned firms on implementation of labour code amendment

"The new rules were unpopular, a slew of multinational companies were also refusing to implement them."

Opposition holds anti-government protest in Békéscsaba

Opposition parties that do and do not have seats in parliament protested against the government as well as amendments to the labour code in Békéscsaba, in southeast Hungary, on Saturday evening. The crowd formed a procession, waving opposition party flags and banners on which “Resist!” was written. Chanting “We are not afraid!”, the protesters walked along the city’s main street to the city hall where they listened to opposition politicians who had arrived for the demonstration. Independent MP Ákos Hadházy said already 400,000 signatures had been collected supporting Hungary’s joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Anett Bősz, the head of ... Read more

Liberals: Broad opposition cooperation formulating

The #municipal #election will be held in the autumn #Hungary #Budapest #politics

Opposition parties hail ‘historic step’ by EP approving Sargentini report

"It is immensely shameful for the #Fidesz #government that no other #country had been subjected to such #condemnation in the #history of the #European #Union"

NVB throws out two referendum initiatives

It was united in rejecting the Liberal Party's other initiative to decriminalise consumption of #marijuana

Liberals propose opposition shadow committee to shield NGOs

"Clever joint action is needed" #Hungary #politics #NGO #GeorgeSoros #Liberals

Liberal MP to quit Párbeszéd parliamentary group

Anett Bősz would leave the group and continue as an independent #Hungary #Hungarian #parliament #liberals

Election 2018 – Czeglédy withdraws candidacy in favour of Socialist-Párbeszéd candidate

Earlier on Wednesday, the Szeged district #court decided to extend Czeglédy’s pre-trial #detention by three months. #hungary #hungarian #HungaryElection2018

Liberals want two-day election for Hungarians abroad

The party argued that not all of them would have time to go to a foreign mission on election day

Opposition parties slam reported government plans to gut local council system

Fidesz responded by saying that the opposition parties were "speaking nonsense"

Liberals call on government to take heed of student demands

Students demanded a fairer, more democratic and student-centered education system

Liberals urge compromise over ‘party district’ opening hours

The Liberals urge locals to vote in an upcoming referendum against rules under which bars would be closed after midnight, in the interest of a "sensible compromise"

Opposition DK refuses to pay Audit Office fine

The National Audit Office (ÁSZ) has punished six opposition parties!

Leftist opposition: A “gentle and soft-spoken” government at stake at next year’s election

"Our job is to establish peace, first within the opposition base and then for the country as a whole"

Audit office sends audit draft reports to six Hungarian parties

"It seems that everything is fine with Fidesz, but LMP is one of the biggest obstacles to democracy"