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Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll. - Fidesz

LMP co-leader not welcome at national security committee hearing on ‘Soros Plan’?

#LMP's politicians "were lying up and down" all throughout last autumn's "National Consultation" campaign - #Fidesz

Vona: ‘Jobbik wants to win election alone’

"Jobbik stands prepared for governing Hungary and creating a fair, safe and liveable country" - Gábor Vona #hungaryelection2018

Ministry: Political parties may delay penalty payments

The commencement of payments must take place from July 1

LMP: government’s banning teachers from public statements ‘censorship’

"The heads and teachers of vocational schools would not be allowed to make public statements without prior consent by the ministry."

Opposition DK refuses to pay Audit Office fine

The National Audit Office (ÁSZ) has punished six opposition parties!

LMP: Eximbank loses battle against Eurostat

"#Eximbank's activities in no way serve the interests of Hungary's foreign trade" - #LMP

Opposition LMP: Hungary in ‘eleventh hour’ to stop Paks project

"The project can only be thwarted if the current government is ousted in the upcoming election"

Audit office sends audit draft reports to six Hungarian parties

"It seems that everything is fine with Fidesz, but LMP is one of the biggest obstacles to democracy"

Head of NKE University sees ‘concerted campaign’ behind LMP’s ‘attacks’

Responding to political opposition accusations of financial impropriety, András Patyi, the rector of the National Public Service University (NKE), on Sunday complained that he and the university were victims of a “concerted” smear campaign against them.  Green opposition LMP co-leader Ákos Hadházy has accused the NKE of soliciting EU funding multiple times for identical projects, overpricing and unjustified spending. He said EU auditors had raised the alarm over “extremely serious abuses” suspected at the university, adding that Patyi may bear criminal responsibility.  Patyi said in a statement yesterday that the university “has nothing to hide” and was open to investigation. ... Read more

PM Orbán’s favourite entrepreneur is richer than Habsburgs were

Interesting calculations show that former gas fitter and PM Viktor Orbán’s friend Lőrinc Mészáros has bigger wealth than Habsburgs had 90 years ago.

LMP PM candidate urges government change, new directions at ‘Christmas rally’

"The upcoming election may be the last chance to fix Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's historic mistake" - #LMP PM candidate #hungaryelection2018

Election 2018: Oppsition parties LMP, Új Kezdet present joint election programme

An LMP-Új Kezdet government would spend 20 percent of Hungary's budget on education

Paks papers leave LMP candidate dissatisfied

Bernadett Szél, PM candidate of the opposition LMP party, voiced dissatisfaction after looking into the implementation documents of the Paks nuclear plant upgrade project

Holocaust-survivor professor: “Jobbik was never a neo-Nazi party”

Professor Ágnes Heller stated that Jobbik is no longer a racist or far-right party, and it struggles to re-establish constitution state in Hungary.