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Foreign minister: Eastern partnership countries deserve positive feedback

"The European Union should give continuous positive feedback to Eastern Partnership countries"

Hungary’s suspicious relations with the great powers

An American committee is suspicious about Hungary's Russian relations

Foreign minister: Hungary expects EU to reciprocate Cape Verde’s cooperation on migration

Hungary urges the EU to provide Cape Verde with the help it needs to protect its borders

‘Shocking and unusual’ for intervention in democratic country’s media

Szijjártó: "What is this if not interference in domestic affairs?"

Foreign minister: Hungary strives to build effective ties with South America

"Hungary has offered 560 scholarships to students of Latin American countries"

Anyone born Hungarian anywhere in the world should be able to remain Hungarian

FM Szijjártó assured Hungarians living in Transcarpathia of the Government’s special support

A new era to start in Moroccan-Hungarian relations

Hungarian-Moroccan ties to be strengthened further

LMP calls on government to re-establish ties with West instead of ‘eastern opening’

Foreign ministry officials have held 77 high-level talks with leaders of communist countries since Viktor Orbán's government came to power seven years ago

No Hungarians among Texas shooting victims

Hungary stands by the United States in these difficult hours as a faithful ally

Hungarian embassy to open in Uganda

Hungary to open an embassy in Uganda, Africa.

Hungary, Slovakia sign declaration of intent for construction of north-south gas pipeline

#Hungary and #Slovakia signed a declaration of intent to build a north-south #gas #pipeline

Hungary, China sign interstate deal to keep Chinese university in Budapest

#Hungary and #China signed an interstate agreement to ensure the continued operations of the #Heilongjiang #University of #Chinese #Medicine in #Budapest

Hungary’s FM meets Greek counterpart in Athens

"We must make it clear that we cannot let Christian communities in the Middle East or in other crisis zones be jeopardised or expelled from their homes"

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow and Budapest are concerned about Kiev’s “Ukrainization” policy

#Russia and #Hungary expressed their deep concerns over #Kiev policy of total "#Ukrainization" of the country and its detrimental impact on #Ukraine's national minorities

Hungarian FM: Catalan independence declaration Spain’s internal affair

"The declaration of Catalonian independence as a matter of Spanish internal affairs" - Hungary's foreign minister