Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Hungarian and French FMs discuss military support in Africa to stop migration

Another shared interest of the two countries is nuclear energy 🇫🇷🇭🇺 #diplomacy #military #migration #france #hungary #dailynewshungary

Minister: Supporting ethnic Hungarians a key focus of government’s foreign policy

The minister said that though the rights of national minorities were defined by international law, those guarantees were not always enforced everywhere ??

Foreign minister urges construction of new border crossings with Croatia

"Both countries are firmly rooted in the original European values, which we could also call Christian values" ????

Hungary calls for speeding up Serbia’s EU integration

"The integration of the Western Balkans is key to a strong EU" ????

Afghan refugees taken to migration facilities in Hungary

The Hungarian state will provide them with food and shelter ?????

Foreign minister: Good cooperation with Russia in Hungary’s interest

Bilateral cooperation with Russia has produced "practical and pragmatic" results, "despite a not too supportive international environment" ????