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Government to support Hungarian education, culture in Carpathian Basin with 5 million euros

The former scheme aims to help ethnic #Hungarians in the #Carpathian #Basin prosper in their homeland #hungary #nationalpolicy #government

Devastating statistics! Hungarian population in Transylvania decreasing rapidly

The #decreasing #tendency in #Transylvania is the most significant in #Szeklerland #Hungary #Romania #statistics #demography

New Carpathian Lawyers’ Network presents itself in Kolozsvár

The network comprises lawyers and law students who also use Hungarian for their work around the world #hungary #hungarian

Day of Hungarian Culture marked across country

The Day of Hungarian Culture -- the anniversary of poet Ferenc Kölcsey's completing in 1823 "Himnusz"

Fidesz: National unity of dual citizenship now prevails

Ethnic Hungarians have the right to vote for a national list but not for a candidate of an individual constituency

Government official calls for greater inclusion of youth in Hungarian orgs abroad

Sydney (MTI) – Hungary’s government must continue on with its diaspora policies and put greater emphasis on the inclusion of young people in the activities of Hungarian organisations abroad, the state secretary for Hungarian communities abroad said on Sunday. Like all ethnic Hungarian groups in general, Hungarian organisations and associations in Australia are also struggling to attract young people, Árpád János Potápi told MTI by phone from Australia, where he has been meeting with ethnic Hungarians over the past ten days. He said ethnic organisations in that country should aim to attract young people who had just recently moved to ... Read more

Hungary’s state secretary meets Hungarians in Australia

Budapest, January 9 (MTI) – János Árpád Potápi, state secretary in charge of Hungarian communities abroad, has met representatives of expatriate Hungarian organisations in Australia. Speaking to MTI by phone from Sydney on Monday, Potápi said that “Australia Hungarians feel that the Hungarian government pays increasing focus to the diaspora.” Potápi said he had attended the 16th conference of the Australian Hungarian community, which was concluded by an ecumenical service and a gala performance. He noted that the government had co-financed the conference. The state secretary will continue his Australia visit in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Hungary allocates development funding for Transylvanian kindergartens

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s government has allocated almost 1.5 billion forints (EUR 4.8m) for developments at kindergartens in Transylvania (Erdély) in 2017 and 2018, state secretary for nation policy Árpád Potápi said in Sfantu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) on Saturday. Some 900 million forints of the funding will go toward playgrounds, 300 million forints will be used for equipment and 227 million for developing teaching methods, Potápi said at an event to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Romanian Hungarian Teachers Association (RMPSZ). Romanian education ministry state secretary András Király noted that there is Hungarian-language instruction in 1,400 educational ... Read more

Deputy prime minister voices government’s commitment to Hungarian diaspora

Budapest, August 22 (MTI) – Hungary is committed to helping its diaspora retain its national identity, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said in Budapest on Monday. Semjén, who is in charge of Hungarian communities abroad, spoke at the opening of a training course for participants in the Kőrösi Csoma and Petőfi Sándor programmes aimed at reaching out to ethnic kin in other countries. In his address, Semjén said that young people in the two schemes should “reshape” expatriate organisations so that they become “home to all Hungarians” including those temporarily working abroad. “We need open organisations in which the focus ... Read more

Hungary opens 2016/17 programme for strengthening ethnic Hungarians’ identity

Budapest, June 8 (MTI) – The Hungarian government on Wednesday launched the 2016/17 Kőrösi Csoma Sándor scholarship programme aimed at helping Hungarian diaspora communities preserve their language and national identity. As part of the scheme, which is being launched for the fourth time, 100 scholarship recipients are being sent to build social networks with ethnic Hungarian communities around the world, István Grezsa, government commissioner for policy for Hungarians abroad, said at the programme’s opening ceremony. Scholarship recipients travelling within Europe will visit ethnic kin in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the UK, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, ... Read more

Hungary, 96 years after the Treaty of Trianon

The treaty by which two-thirds of Hungary’s territory was taken away and millions of Hungarians were separated from the motherland was signed on the 4th June, 1920, in the Grand Trianon palace of Versailles. This is what we commemorate on every 4th June, as the treaty forced on Hungary almost 100 years ago still determines Hungary’s global opportunities. The 4th June means something entirely different for Hungarians than for any other nation, because, since the founding of the Hungarian Kingdom on the 25th December in 1000, the Carpathian Basin was home to the whole Hungarian population. The Kingdom lived through ... Read more

Deputy prime minister praises policy towards Hungarians abroad

Budapest (MTI) – Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen called 2015 “perhaps the most successful year” in terms of Hungary’s policy towards Hungarians abroad. All the related programs launched by the government over the past five years operated “without hitches”, Semjen told public radio on Thursday. As an example, he mentioned the Korosi Csoma programme designed to help Hungarian diaspora communities maintain their Hungarian identity and language. As Slovakia and Romania are members of the European Union and their ethnic Hungarian communities have access to EU resources, too, the government continued to focus its financial assistance on Hungarians in Serbia and ... Read more

Hungary launches new program to support Transcarpathian Hungarians

Minister of State Responsible for National Policy János Árpád Potápi opened a modern physics laboratory at Ungvár National University Hungarian-language department. The Hungarian government will do everything it can to ensure that Transcarpathian Hungarians can pursue their studies from kindergarten to university on their mother tongue. It is important that Hungarian parents enroll their children in Hungarian language schools because knowledge can be thoroughly acquired only by studying on mother tongue said the politician. Potápi also announced that the government launches a new assistance program starting on October 15; the goal is to encourage ethnic Hungarians to stay in their ... Read more

Hungary doubles income top-ups for clergy in Hungarian churches abroad

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary will double income supplements for clergy in Hungarian churches in Transylvania, Transcarpathia, Vojvodina and Slovakia from next year, state secretary Miklos Soltész said in Máriaradna (Radna), Romania, on Sunday. The allocation for the top-up will rise from 210 million forints (EUR 680,000) to 420 million forints, Soltesz said at the reconsecration of the Catholic church and Franciscan monastery in Mariaradna. “Those clergy who serve in the various churches there, do much to preserve Hungarian identity in addition to preserving the faith, and that is a part of national policy,” Soltész said. He noted that, in addition ... Read more

Government sponsors vocational training for Trancarpathian Hungarians

Budapest (MTI) – Professional and vocational training tailored to the ethnic Hungarian community in Transcarpathia, funded by the Hungarian government, is starting this year, the cabinet state secretary for Hungarian communities beyond the border said on Sunday. The 50 million forint (EUR 159,000) money is going towards supporting fitting out a physics laboratory, implementing IT development projects and publishing educational material, Árpád János Potápi told public television M1. The programmes are based on the concept worked out by the professional organisation of Hungarian teachers in Trancarpathia, he said. They will be launched as part of projects supported by the Hungarian government ... Read more

President’s confession: there is no place for nationalities in Ukraine

According to alfahir.hu, Poroshenko finally confessed: “There is no place for nationalities in Ukraine” – Jobbik said and repeatedly called on the Hungarian government to firmly stand up for the language rights of the Hungarians in Kárpátalja. In his communication, Istvan Szavay MP recalled that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated at an award ceremony: There will be only the Ukrainian the state language in Ukraine. According to the text published on the presidential website, “the opinion of the society is unified”, and the citizens speaking various languages decided their children want to study in Ukrainian. According to the President, the ... Read more

Jobbik: Simplified nationalization is the government’s only achievement in national policy

Jobbik says that the Hungarian government can show but one achievement (simplified nationalization) in the area of national policy, and the change that Fidesz promised in 2010 failed to take place. These were the words of Jobbik MP István Szávay, the chairman of the party’s national policy cabinet, in Budapest on Wednesday. In his press conference, the opposition politician criticized the statements made by Foreign Minister János Martonyi and political State Secretary Zsolt Németh at the end of last year. István Szávay said that, contrary to the statements of the Minister, the government did indeed sweep problems related to neighbouring ... Read more