Népszabadság suspension


Government’s regular press briefing – Defence of southern border, new Budapest hospital, constitutional amendment

The government has decided to award 29.4 forints (EUR 96m) of supplementary funding to the interior ministry for the protection of the Serbia-Hungary border, the government […]

Mediaworks: Népszabadság editor-in-chief cancels meeting on possible sale of paper

Budapest, October 11 (MTI) – The editor-in-chief of daily Népszabadság, whose publication was suspended over the weekend, cancelled a pre-arranged meeting with publisher Mediaworks about a […]

European Commission ‘aware of’ Népszabadság suspension

Budapest, October 10 (MTI) – Commenting on a call by an OSCE media advocate to monitor press freedom more closely in Hungary in wake of the […]

Gyurcsány’s party pulls out of parliament

Budapest, October 10 (MTI) – The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has announced it would stay away from parliament in future, but deputies would not return their […]

Népszabadság editors to negotiate on possible sale of paper with publisher

Budapest (MTI) – Talks on Sunday on publishing Monday’s issue of daily Népszabadság and putting its website content back online failed; however, the sides will negotiate on […]

Mediaworks makes offer to Népszabadság staff

  Budapest (MTI) – Mediaworks, the publisher of Hungarian daily Népszabadság, said late Saturday that it had made an offer to the paper’s editorial staff. The […]