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Afghan refugee sentenced to community service for assault in Budapest

The 24-year-old man was drunk and pushed a couple waiting at a bus stop on New Year's Eve! #criminal #hungary #budapest

5 of the best Hungarian cures against a (New Year’s Eve) hangover

This is how we do it ;) #hungarian #hangover #newyearseve #cure

Ambulance service responds to 3,000 emergencies over New Year’s Eve

Altogether 25 of the #incidents involved fires caused by #fireworks #Hungary #ambulance #NewYear'sEve

This is how Hungary celebrated New Year’s Eve – PHOTOS

Check out how #Hungarians celebrated New Year's Eve! #Hungary #photos #party #fireworks #cheers

Foods that bring fortune for Hungarians on New Year’s Eve

Do you eat any of these meals on New Year's Eve? #hungary #hungarian #tradition #holiday #food

Italian Vogue: Budapest New Year’s Eve party one of the best in Central Europe!

Will you be there this year? ;) #Hungary #Budapest #NewYear'sEve #party

A Hungarian recipe for New Year’s Day: lentil stew

Try out the recipe of the Hungarian lentil stew on New Year's Day! :)

New Year’s Eve superstitions in Hungary – PART 2

What is the funniest New Year's Eve superstition you have ever heard of?

New Year’s Eve superstitions in Hungary – PART 1

Do you believe in New Year superstitions and resolutions? :)

Let’s celebrate with Tokaji Aszú!

Let's celebrate with one of the most special and unique #Hungarian #wines: #Tokaj #Aszú

New Year’s Eve on the front: giant snowman and chimney-sweeper toast

How did a Hungarian soldier remain human during the World War and greet the New Year hundred years ago? And the gallants of the Horthy-era? Or the cool ones of the 60s and 70s? Alfahir.hu collected some photos from Fortepan. Saying goodbye to 1917 on New Year’ Eve in the WWI (probably the Eastern front) Giant snowman and muscles, New Year’s Eve in 1932 New Year’s Eve in 1934   One more photo from 1934   A New Year’s Eve party from 1936   New Year’s Eve in the dome room of Hotel Britannia under 45 Teréz Boulevard, in 1938   New ... Read more

New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary

Hungary had a fizzy and amazing New Year’s Eve, and we are going to show you, how wonderful was this celebration in Hungary.  Nyíregyháza New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary Eger New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary Debrecen New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 – Photos from Hungary New Year’s Eve celebrations as 2016 turns to 2017 ... Read more

Hungarian President commemorates 1867 Compromise in New Year address

Budapest, January 1 (MTI) – President János Áder noted the upcoming 150th anniversary of Hungary’s historic Compromise with its Habsburg rulers in his address broadcast on public television in the first minutes of 2017. Referring to the Compromise of 1867, Áder said it had “ushered in an era of unprecedented national development”, in which Hungary’s cities underwent major changes, roads and railways were built, and public education started. Concerning the past year, the president noted the medals Hungary’s Olympic athletes had won, Hungary’s goals at the European soccer championship, and the country’s scientific and cultural achievements. He said the country ... Read more

Best spa parties for New Year’s Eve

Are you sick of average New Year’s Eve parties? Do pool parties, pleasant night-time saunas, spa concerts and midnight slides sound much more appealing for the last day of the year? If yes, keep on reading, because termalfurdo.hu collected some of the best spa parties all over Hungary. Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár The Sárvár Spa welcomes guests with a sensational party until 4 am in both the thermal bath and the family section. The foam party of the wave pool is promised to be unmissable. There’s also going to be star performances by Ádám Szabó and Feró Nagy. The slides ... Read more

Budapest’s public transport services during the holidays, at the end of 2016 and in the first days of 2017

As in previous years, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport provides continuous public transport services during the holidays. BKK asks you to plan your journey before using public transport services on Christmas Eve with the FUTÁR application (by the timetable search on BKK’s website or via the public transport mobile app) or by the currently applicable schedule. NEW FUNCTIONALITIES, FULL ACCESSIBILITY: BKK FUTÁR APPLICATION UPDATED During public holidays, the weekend schedule/the public holiday timetable applies in public transport services, while between Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, the year-end schedule applies. On New Year’s Eve, substantially more frequent services and buses ... Read more

Budapest becomes more and more popular destination for New Year’s Eve

According to the data of Trivago.hu, the Hungarian capital city stands on the 12th place on the list of the most popular European cities for New Year’s Eve. The survey also shows that the Hungarians are mostly looking for four-star hotels in the last part of the year, reports turizmusonline.hu. The capital was in the 16th place last year, but this year it got to the 12th place among the most wanted destinations of the continent. The prices also increased; this-year-visitors, interested in Budapest, are looking for accommodation for HUF 40,700, compared to last year’s HUF 35,700 (two people/night). The ... Read more

Chimney sweeps pay New Year visit to president

Budapest, January 4 (MTI) – Two representatives of the municipal chimney sweep service visited President Janos Ader at the Sandor Palace on Monday, and conveyed their best New Year wishes to him and the nation. According to the ritual of the traditional visit, Ader took one bristle from the brooms of each of his visitors and toasted them with champagne. The chimney sweeps wearing top hats and white scarves for the occasion told reporters that the German tradition of visiting the president at New Year had been adopted in Hungary in the 1990s. Photo: MTI