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A huge centre for ice sports to be built in Budapest

The Hungarian capital city is preparing for the various Olympic Games and other major sports events

Budapest to host Summer Youth Olympic Games?

Budapest has very good credentials, says #IOC #Olympic #Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi

Hungarian Olympic Committee chief disappointed over deal on 2024, 2028

The agreement the International Olympic Committee (#IOC) reached with the cities of #Paris and #LosAngeles

French Minister in Hungary again after seven years

No French leader of the rank of minister had been to Hungary since 2010

2026 Winter Olympics in Hungary?

There is still a lot of uncertainty

Hungarian government: Budapest will still bid to host Olympics in future

Budapest launch bid to host 2023 IAAF World Championships

They are the most valuable Hungarian sportspersons

Here is the list of the most valuable Hungarian sportspersons

It’s over – Budapest withdraws Olympic bid

The #Budapest Assembly voted on Wednesday in favour of a motion to withdraw the city's bid to host the 2024 #Olympic and Paralympic Games

Government yet to decide how to use funds originally aimed at financing Olympic plans

"Necessary development projects must be implemented even if no Olympics are hosted in Budapest"

BREAKING NEWS – Orbán’s cabinet proposes withdrawing Budapest’s Olympic bid

Budapest, February 22 (MTI) – The government passed a resolution on Wednesday in which it proposed that the City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee should withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. The prime minister’s cabinet office told MTI that hosting the Olympics was a “national cause which requires unity”. Authors of the statement insisted that the initial unity had vanished in recent months and the Games had “become a cause for party politics out of a national cause”, and put the blame on the opposition parties “going back on their earlier decision” to support the ... Read more