Why did the Orbán-led Fidesz dominate the Hungarian general election?

The key to success... #Hungary #HungaryElection2018 #Fidesz #analysis

Hungarians’ views on sexual harassment – Survey

Four out of ten people (41%) think that victims are responsible for becoming victims of sexual harassment.

Hungary stands beside death penalty

Hungarian people would agree with death penalty?

16 things foreigners say about Budapest

Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu compiled a list of reasons why foreigners hate or love the capital city of Hungary. See these 16 points to gain an insight into the […]

Are Hungarians impossibly neurotic?

Napi.hu writes that, out of all the European Union member states, Hungary shows far the biggest controversy in the judgement, acceptance of the EU and the […]

Foreign men think that Hungarian women are under too much pressure

Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu writes that the Pécs-decentrum Cultural Association studied a very interesting question at their club night. They asked foreign men, living in Pécs, about the situation […]