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Hungarian civil service workers go on major strike

Approximately 200,000 workers from the civil service era go on #strike #Hungary #civilservice #workers #protest #government #demands

Róbert Frölich steps down as Hungary’s chief rabbi

He cannot identify with the direction Mazsihisz is moving in #Hungary #Jews #religion #synagogue

International Organisation for Migration: Well-coordinated migration is a positive phenomenon

Ambrosi: "Each country can maintain its sovereign right to decide whom it allows to enter and whom it rejects" #Hungary #migration #IOM #UN #EU

Hungarian Parliament to vote on migration bill in February

"The government believes it important that organisations that support and organise illegal migration, and receive foreign funding, should operate transparently"

Soros: Refugee issue common problem for Europe

"The government wants to make you believe that I am an enemy to the Hungarian people"

Republikon Institute holds conference on ties between Soros and Hungary

"In the mid-1990s Soros turned to supporting health care and education, providing equipment such as computers"

Official: Hungary aims to become hub for fighting persecution of Christians

Budapest, January 27 (MTI) – Hungary aims to establish itself as a hub and supporter of organisations fighting the persecution of Christians, human resources state secretary Bence Rétvári said at an international conference about the persecution of Christians around the world held in Budapest on Friday. Rétvári said more Christians were being persecuted today throughout the world than during the reign of Emperor Nero, adding that four-fifths of the religiously persecuted today are Christians. Religious leaders in the Middle East have asked western democracies to help persecuted Christians in that region by providing humanitarian aid rather than by taking them ... Read more

Official: Funding to civil organisations to be upped in 2017

Budapest, December 30 (MTI) – Funding opportunities for civil organisations will broaden next year, the state secretary in charge of church, nationality and civil society relations said on Friday. The National Cooperation Fund (NEA) invited bids two weeks ago to disburse 2.6 billion forints (EUR 8.4m) in grants and now a second tranche of NEA grants will launch with a 1.4 billion forint budget, Miklós Soltész told a press conference. Hungary has some 55,000 civil organisations. Their funding background changed considerably over the past few years, Soltész said. In 2010 civil organisations received total funding of 423 billion forints, which ... Read more

“The police can’t provide blankets” – civilians collect for border guards

Hvg.hu writes that it seems that policemen serving along the southern border don’t get suitable clothes to do their job, because the border guards are complaining about freezing during their service. Civilians need to interfere, because the police doesn’t provide blankets and enough food. A Facebook page called Zsaruellátó (Police provider) is collecting for the policemen serving along the southern border of the country, because they are not supplied sufficiently. The civil organisation collects vitamins, medicine against common cold, food, coffee, sugar, band aids, hand sanitizers etc. for the otherwise state financed border guards serving the state. In the call they ask for thermo-clothes ... Read more

Ombudsman, civil organisations lobby against CETA free trade deal with Canada

Budapest, October 4 (MTI) – Marcel Szabó, the deputy ombudsman in charge of future generations, as well as representatives of civil organisations on Tuesday called on Hungary’s government not to sign a planned free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. Addressing a conference organised by the ombudsman’s office, the National Council for Sustainable Development and the National Society of Conservationists, Szabó asked the government to turn to the European Court and ask for a review of the planned treaty with Canada. He said problematic issues in the draft included the spreading of GMO, procedures of potential disputes between ... Read more

InterNations: “Making life easier for expats”

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country, where you don’t know anyone, don’t speak the language, and everything seems so strange? You have so many questions but you’re not really sure who you should ask, and you’d like to meet others who are in the same shoes. This is is what inspired the founders of InterNations, a community where expatriates can connect and exchange information. “InterNations is the world’s leading network for people who live or move abroad. InterNations enables expatriates to get to know other people when moving to other countries. We are now operating in 390 cities ... Read more