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Hungary’s parliament expresses solidarity with Poland

The Hungarian government stands by Poland #Hungary #Poland #EU #friendship #support #parliament

Parliament votes to declare January 13 day of religious freedom

The motion was approved unanimously #Hungary #parliament #publicholiday #vote #religion

Ruling parties support stricter version of ‘Stop Soros’ bill unanimously

According to #Fidesz group leader Gulyá, the #parliament is to decide on the proposal after the #election #hungary #hungarian

The government submitted the stricter “Stop Soros” package to parliament

The bill requires a two-thirds majority to pass #Hungary #hungarian #Soros #migration #bill

Miniature Hungary: a maquette park in Szarvas

#Hungary's unique Miniature Hungary #Maquette Park offers tiny elements of many #famous #Hungarian #buildings, boats and trains, interactive programmes for all ages! :)

Head of Cabinet Rogán’s residency bond business is full of irregularities

After processing all the documents in connection with #government’s #residency bond program, #G7.24.hu states that it is full of #irregularities. #hungary #hungarian #corruption #residency bond #program #24.hu #offshore #business

Opposition to file complaint against House Speaker Kövér over comments on redrawing of electoral map

The recording of Kövér could be taken as a confession that Fidesz had "cheated" in the 2014 election - #Socialists #hungaryelection2014 #hungaryelection2018 #housespeaker #hungary #hungarian #election

When elections become business: 250 registered parties in Hungary

The number of registered parties is constantly rising in Hungary because many think about the 2018 elections as a perfect opportunity for making business. #Hungaryelection2018 #Hungary #Hungarian #election

Who would win the 2018 elections in Hungary if social media decided?

If the number of Facebook-followers were transferred into votes in the forthcoming 2018 elections, Jobbik would win with a giant lead.

International think-tank: Fidesz’s victory migh threaten Hungarian democracy

According to #Policy #Solutions, Fidesz’s victory might threaten democracy. Left wing parties gave up the elections, so Jobbik became the main challenger.

Ruling alliance lawmakers walk out of national security committee meeting

LMP leader said lawmakers of the governing parties "thwarted" the meeting

Viktor Orbán holds talks with President of European Volleyball Confederation

One of the hosts of the 2019 European Championships will be Hungary

LMP: ruling parties seek to boycott the operation of national security committee

Earlier this week, co-leader of green opposition LMP was banned from a committee hearing on the "Soros Plan"

Hungarian Parliament to vote on migration bill in February

"The government believes it important that organisations that support and organise illegal migration, and receive foreign funding, should operate transparently"

Fidesz threatens walkout at committee hearing if LMP co-leader attends

Szél was employed by the Soros empire, she used to be on its payroll. - Fidesz

LMP co-leader not welcome at national security committee hearing on ‘Soros Plan’?

#LMP's politicians "were lying up and down" all throughout last autumn's "National Consultation" campaign - #Fidesz

‘It is up to Romania to participate in regional cooperation’, says Hungarian parliament delegation

"Romania should decide whether or not it wants to be involved in central European cooperation"

Hungary’s President sets April 8 as the date of the upcoming general election

Time to vote! Find out how the system works, how and when you can vote!

Guardians of the Holy Crown in Hungary – VIDEO

Watch this great video with English or Russian subtitle :) VIDEO HERE: