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E-voting in Hungary in 2022?

Biggest Hungarian opposition party, Jobbik would enable Hungarian electorates to vote electronically in 2022 to increase and ease participation.

Parliament passes campaign financing repayment law amendment

Parties that receive less than one percent of votes cast for party lists in the general election will have to repay the state funding provided for their campaign.

Parliament committee rejects opposition proposal to change election law

The Socialist proposal was backed also by LMP, the Liberals, the Dialogue and Együtt parties

The Pearl of the Danube – Budapest, the romantic capital

Which is your most memorable sight of Budapest? :)

Former Finnish parliament speaker receives Hungary state honour

Eero Olavi Heinäluoma was the speaker of the Finnish parliament in 2011-2015

Parliament to vote on cancelling mandatory chimney inspection for family homes

#Lawmakers will also vote on amendment proposals by the government to improve competitiveness and changes that will affect the handling of #migration

Europe’s biggest Persian rug is made in Hungary

An extraordinary Persian rug is being made in Hungary

Fidesz proposes amendment to law on campaign financing

"Under the effective law, individual candidates failing to canvas 2 percent of votes have to pay back the 1 million forint (EUR 3,231) received for their campaign" - Gergely Gulyás (#Fidesz) #HungaryElection2018

Traditions, faith jeopardised by nihilism, says House Speaker Kövér in Saint Petersburg

George Soros, the "emblematic" US billionaire, is "one of the most agile players of those private powers" - House Speaker László Kövér

Court: Sale of Natura 2000 property unconstitutional

"Farmland classified as "Natura 2000" can be farmed only by observing specific environmental requirements"

Parliament extends deadline for foreign universities to comply with higher education law – UPDATE

Talks are ongoing between the government and the #State of #New #York to secure the future of the #CEU in #Hungary

Jobbik submits bill that would require security checks of cabinet members

“How is it possible that the members of any government do not need to get a national security clearance?” - Jobbik

Hungarian official discusses Ukraine education law with CoE SecGen

"The Council of Europe must make a firm stand for the protection of minority language education"

Socialists to reduce parliamentary activity till election

Socialists would not initiate parliamentary debate sessions #Hungaryelection2018

Hungarian government interest expenditure fell EUR 1.6bn last year

#Interest #expenditure of the government fell by 500 billion forints (EUR 1.6bn) last year

115 years of the Hungarian Parliament

The most important building of Hungary was completed on 8 October 1902

EC sends reasoned opinion on law on NGOs financed from abroad and higher education law

"Hungary has one month to amend the law and bring it into line with European regulations."

Hungary-Indonesia ties in focus at talks between foreign affairs committee heads

"#Indonesia is a democratic country and the #largest #Muslim #state in the world" - Hungarian committee head