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Extremist organisations pose no risk in Hungary

The Hungarian government will protect all Hungarian citizens from any extremist attacks

Hungarian kidnapped in Nigeria freed

The six kidnapped people, including the Hungarian national, were rescued

Jobbik accuses Hungarian authorities of glossing over Azeri corruption charges

Staudt said it would have been the task of police and the public prosecutor's office to launch an investigation and scrutinise the subject accounts.

Massive storms left huge trails of destruction in Hungary

"The stormy wind caused huge destruction and personal injuries in Hungary."

Christian Democrats: murderers, criminals arrive at Hungary’s border among migrants

"Two recent incidents have demonstrated that there are murderers and other criminals among the migrants arriving at Hungary's border"

Pakistani hitman wanted for seventy murders arrested in Hungary – UPDATE

"Pakistani butcher" wanted by police for killing 70 people was arrested in Hungary

LMP files police report on “national consultation” survey for mismanagement

"The consultation was a "bluff", a part of government propaganda aimed to distract attention from real problems in the country" - LMP

Church of Scientology in Hungary fined EUR 65,000 for unlawful data management

The organisation is not on Hungary's official register of churches

Raid on scientologists – Dozens of new locations searched in Hungary

Raid in the centre of the Church of Scientology in Budapest

Jobbik presses charges against George Soros

"If the police refuses to start an investigation, then we will have official proof that the Orbán government brainwashes our people."

Oath-taking ceremony of police officers held at Heroes’ Square

"Only people who come here legally and respects our laws we be allowed through our borders" - PM Orbán

Hungarian man with an Interpol arrest is running his business in New Zealand

András Schmid is wanted by the Hungarian police and by Interpol on charges of fraud and forgery

The taming of the party quarter – new rules ahead

The municipality wants to cut opening hours, among many others

The wave of violence in North America is shocking

An armed assailant killed over 50 people and wounded 400 others in Las Vegas