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Jobbik launches signature drive for ‘slave law’ repeal

"#Jobbik would continue to fight for its survival as the last remaining defender of #democracy" - #MP Z.Kárpát #hungary #hungarian #politics #referendum #labourcodeamendment

Jobbik initiates setting up parliament committee on Paks upgrade

"The majority of Hungarians is against the upgrade of the #Paks #nuclear #plant" - #Jobbik #Hungary #Russia #government

Jobbik to appeal election cttee rejection of referendum initiatives linked to ‘slave law’

Hungarian employees should be given a chance to decide on their lives! - #Jobbik MP Pintér #hungary #referendum

Hungarian election body rejects opposition plebiscite bids

The Párbeszéd party submitted referendum questions on ensuring that state university tuition in Hungary remains in the public sector and is free of charge

Leftist opposition party launches referendum bid on free university tuition

The opposition Párbeszéd party is submitting a referendum initiative with a view to ensuring that university tuition in Hungary is free of charge, party board member Gábor Erőss told a press conference in front of the National Election Office building in Budapest on Friday. Currently, students are required to pay a tuition fee unless they qualify for a state grant. The party will submit the question: “Do you agree that students of state-funded higher education courses should not pay for tuition?” Erőss said that ruling Fidesz wants to “privatise” Budapest’s Corvinus University, to be followed by “all other institutions”, further ... Read more

Local council submits petition concerning noise near Budapest airport

#Petition concerning noise near #Budapest #airport #hungary #hungarian

Socialists submit referendum bids for ‘protection of public funds’

The Socialist Party (#mszp) today submitted two referendum bids "for the protection of public funds" to the National Election Committee #nvb #hungary #hungarian #referendum

NVB throws out two referendum initiatives

It was united in rejecting the Liberal Party's other initiative to decriminalise consumption of #marijuana

Socialists propose referendums for ‘protection of public funds’

The #Hungary's #government spends tens of billions of forints on communications and the benefits are only "enjoyed by the friends of #Fidesz" - #MSZP

Budapest mayor: city council has solution for metro 3 wheelchair accessibility

A similar solution is in use in cities like Berlin, Dublin, London, Naples and Paris.

Top court allows metro line 3 accessibility

New developments on the Metro line 3 renovation

DK launches signature drive to scrap Ukrainians’ eligibility for Hungary pension

"Do you agree that Russian and Ukrainian citizens who have never paid pension contributions in Hungary should be ineligible for Hungarian pension?" - #DK

Socialists demand proof for existence of ‘Soros Plan’

The party insists that the "Soros Plan" did not exist but was "invented by Fidesz's PR machinery"

Referendum bid on declaring December 24 a public holiday fails

The National Election Committee (NVB) rejected a few referendum initiatives

Signature drive fails: December 24 will not be public holiday

Despite the fail, 96% of Hungarians would like December 24 to be a public holiday

Opposition aims for similar result to anti-Olympic campaign in referendum signature drive

Hungary's left-wing and liberal opposition parties have joined together to collect signatures for a referendum campaign

LMP initiates referendum on ‘Paks 3’ plan

"Only the Hungarian people have a right to decide on the use of nuclear energy in Hungary" - #lmp