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Hungarian foreign ministry ‘travel bureau for criminals’, says green opposition LMP

"The Hungarian diplomatic corps is used as a cover for criminal activities" - #LMP #hungary #foreignministry

Opposition DK: Residency bond system put Hungary, EU security at risk

"It is shameful that the #Hungarian #government risks the #security of #EU #citizens while styling itself as Europe's #saviour"

Is this the Vietnamese way of obtaining a Hungarian residence permit?

What do you think about this #idea? #Vietnam #Hungary #Hungarian #residency #bonds

Opposition initiates 90 pc tax on ‘off-shore’ residency bond sellers

The state of #Hungary had raised 517 billion forints through the scheme #migration #residencybond #tax

Hungarian foreign ministry denies reports of property-based residency permit scheme

Property investment immigration? #hungary #china #hungarian #residencybond

Jobbik re-submits constitutional amendment

#Jobbik will say no to the government's "accommodating migrants for money #Hungary #Hungarian #constitution

Cheap Hungarian citizenship for sale on the dark web

Since the #Hungarian #citizenship is cheaper than the #Spanish or Hungarian minister #Rogán’s #residency bond program many try to buy it on the #dark web. And if there is a #need, there will be a #supply. #Hungary #corruption #scandal #cheating #citizenshipbusiness

Election 2018 – PM candidate Karácsony discusses anti-graft plans

"Merely 23 percent of #Hungarians see a chance of efficient action against #corruption" #hungary #HungaryElection2018 #socialists

The life of Chinese residency bond owners in Hungary

People, who "are not here" #hungary #hungarian #migration #Chinese #bond

Vona accuses Orbán cabinet of misleading public over migration policy

Jobbik leader Gábor Vona on Tuesday accused the government of misleading the public over migration. The opposition leader cited deputy state secretary Kristóf Altusz as saying in an interview to a Maltese newspaper that Hungary had taken in 508 refugees in 2015, 432 in 2016 and 1,291 last year.  Over the past three years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “generated mass hysteria” in Hungarian society over the issue of migration, spending 22 billion forints (EUR 71m) on a referendum campaign and “National Consultation” public survey and promising that Hungary would not allow the forced settlement of migrants, Vona said. Yet the ... Read more

Residency bonds: 20,000 immigrants came

Though Government fights against mass immigration in words they let approximately 20.000 immigrants in for money in a highly doubtful program.

HungaryTrends – The week in business and finance

Hungary raised 1.7 billion euros in a "residency bond" scheme - Any foreign nationals could apply in an accelerated procedure for permanent residency in Hungary...

Jobbik urges govt parties to submit its proposed amendment to Constitution as their own

"#Jobbik made it clear already at the beginning of the #migrant wave that they would not accept any refugee settlement quota"

Parliament’s national security committee reconvenes

Parliament's national security committee held a special session behind closed doors

Socialists: Orbán’s cabinet preparing to relaunch residency bond scheme

The opposition Socialist Party on Wednesday said the Orbán government was planning to resume the sale of residency bonds if Fidesz wins next year’s general election. Speaking at a press conference, Socialist lawmaker Tamás Harangozó cited an article in Wednesday’s edition of the daily Magyar Nemzet according to which it had been made clear at a recent immigration conference in Geneva that the markets were expecting the Hungarian government to relaunch the scheme. Since the scheme was suspended in a government decree, it could be resumed by issuing another one, within a day if necessary, Harangozo said. He said the ... Read more

Jobbik: Fidesz pockets profit from residency bond business and keeps terrorism threat

Press release – On May 29 the Parliamentary Committee on Justice had quite a heated debate on whether to put Jobbik’s re-submitted Constitutional amendment on the Parliament’s agenda. The objective of the motion was the same: to prevent the settlement of foreign citizens coming to Hungary either by way of EU allocation quotas or through Fidesz’ residency bonds. Jobbik MP István Apáti, a member of the Committee explained that no Hungarian MP could find any fault with their motion, provided that they truly considered Hungary’s national interest and wanted to ensure a long-term protection for our country. Unsurprisingly, the Fidesz ... Read more

Opposition parties insist Hungary’s residency bonds were open to abuse

Residency bonds - "The scheme had been open to abuse and had presented the opportunity to launder money"

A Hungarian secret agent reveals the threat of Russian secret services in Hungary

A former secret agents talks about Russian espionage, residency bonds, and more!

Corruption and the residency bond scheme in Hungary

The residency bond system appears to be the textbook example of legal corruption...

Jobbik: Hardly any residency bond applicants rejected

The investigation by the Parliamentary opposition’s shadow committee concluded that the residency bonds generated no profit for Hungary and twenty days were not enough for the authorities to establish if residency bond buyers or their family members pose a security risk. In his Wednesday press conference, the committee’s Jobbik-delegated member Ádám Mirkóczki said that only 12 residency bond buyers and 53 family members have been denied a residency permit so far. “Little do we exaggerate when we say that the whole scheme is designed to hand out a residency permit to whoever has enough money,” the MP said. Mr Mirkóczki ... Read more