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‘It is up to Romania to participate in regional cooperation’, says Hungarian parliament delegation

"Romania should decide whether or not it wants to be involved in central European cooperation"

Almost half of central Europeans dissatisfied with EU leadership – Survey

The survey shows that most dissatisfied with #EU are the Slovaks, the #Czechs and the #Germans, Read more details HERE:

Romania’s Prime Minister threatens to hang Hungarians

Did Tudose seriously say that? A terrible message from #Romania

Foreign minister: Romanian PM’s remarks regarding Hungarian autonomy ‘unacceptable’

"The remarks are completely unacceptable and incompatible with European values and the 21st century"

Hungarian parties outraged by the remarks of the Romanian Prime Minister

"Tudose's words cross every line, are unprecedented in European politics"

Memorial plaque unveiled in Budapest for Roma leader

The #Roma defending the ethnic Hungarian residents of #Targu #Mures shouted "Don't be scared, Hungarians, we, Roma, are here to help!"

V4-plus ministerial meeting focuses on EU expansion, energy security in Budapest

Visegrad Group (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) plus Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania ministerial meeting in Budapest

Jobbik: Romania has so far failed to grant freedom of Hungarians

"Romania still treats the nearly 1.5 million Hungarians as second-class citizens while it keeps blocking Szekler autonomy efforts, too"

Medieval frescoes of Saint Ladislaus uncovered

Lóránd Kiss and his team found a centuries old wall-painting beneath thick layers of lime in Transylvania depicting the legend of Saint Ladislaus.

Anti-Hungarian atmosphere strengthening in Romania

Hungarian leader Kelemen Hunor's Star of Romania decoration was suggested to be taken away last week. Many regarded it an anti-Hungarian act.

Change, but not too much, in Székely Land

An overview of the Szekler life as seen by an Englishman

Bear found while looting the fridge in a Romanian home

These incidents are not unusual in Romania nowadays. There is a growing number of bears who wander into populated areas looking for food.

MPP: Gyurcsány waging a war against ethnic Hungarians

The Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) criticised DK's initiation

Hundreds demonstrate with bonfires across Transylvania for Szekler autonomy

Demonstrators made bonfires in Csíkszereda and across #Szeklerland signalling that the flame of freedom inextinguishable! #romania #szekler #autonomy

Carpathian Convention – 3-year Hungarian presidency begins

"The goal of the #Carpathian #Convention is for the countries involved to cooperate and contribute to the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians"

Speeding up W Balkans Euro-Atlantic integration in Europe’s interest, says Hungarian FM

The meeting brought together top diplomats of the #V4 group and other #CEE countries plus western #Balkan countries