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Change, but not too much, in Székely Land

An overview of the Szekler life as seen by an Englishman

Bear found while looting the fridge in a Romanian home

These incidents are not unusual in Romania nowadays. There is a growing number of bears who wander into populated areas looking for food.

MPP: Gyurcsány waging a war against ethnic Hungarians

The Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) criticised DK's initiation

Hundreds demonstrate with bonfires across Transylvania for Szekler autonomy

Demonstrators made bonfires in Csíkszereda and across #Szeklerland signalling that the flame of freedom inextinguishable! #romania #szekler #autonomy

Carpathian Convention – 3-year Hungarian presidency begins

"The goal of the #Carpathian #Convention is for the countries involved to cooperate and contribute to the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians"

Speeding up W Balkans Euro-Atlantic integration in Europe’s interest, says Hungarian FM

The meeting brought together top diplomats of the #V4 group and other #CEE countries plus western #Balkan countries

Hungary prepared to use ‘toughest’ diplomatic means to defend interests, says foreign minister

#Romania is now showing the greatest openness to forming our relations with intelligence and on a European level,"

Orbán: Brussels performing ‘Soros plan’

The “Brussels machinery” is performing US billionaire George Soros’s pro-migration plan, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio on Friday. “Brussels has come under George Soros’s influence,” he said. The European Union wants to dismantle the border fence, let migrants enter the continent, distribute them among the member states and punish those who resist, the prime minister said. The events in Brussels are unfolding exactly as Soros outlined, “it is a planned process”, Orbán said. Hungary, however, is “not a country of fools” and one cannot “pretend as if everything was happening by accident”, he said. ... Read more

Orbán: Hungary prepared to help Romania deter migrants

Sooner or later an effective border seal will be needed on [Romania's] eastern borders, otherwise #Romania will be overwhelmed by migrants - Orbán

DK against voting rights for those who have ‘never lived in Hungary’

"Romania Hungarians could expect further funds (from Hungary) only if they support the incumbent government" - DK

Cooperating with Hungarians beneficial, says Orbán in Romania

The opening ceremony of the new academic year at the #Partium #Christian #University (#pke - #Partiumi #Keresztény #Egyetem) #hungary #romania #nagyvárad #oradea #transylvania

The inauguration of the Szászfenes/Floresti’s Reformed church

Here is the newest Hungarian Reformed church in Transylvania/Erdély

Romania thanks renewed support for OECD accession, says Hungarian FM

Romanian authories wanted to close down a a school for ethnic Hungarians in Targu Mures/Marosvásárhely