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Hungary warns of challenges from south at NATO meeting in Bucharest

"We are united against challenges and #NATO is clearly suitable and ready to protect member states" #Hungary #meeting #Bucharest #migration

PM Orbán to be banned from the United States?

The vice-president of #Frontiers of Freedom claims that PM #Orbán and his inner circle occupied #Hungary and destroyed #democracy and #free #market. #Hungarian #illiberaldemocracy #banned #Trump #USA

Luxembourg backs Austria’s suit against Paks upgrade

"Luxembourg supports Austria's case against the upgrade of Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant" #luxembourg #austria #hungary #nuclear #plant

Another gesture to Putin? Ethnic Russians can become national minority in Hungary

PM #Orbán is tightening the #Russian-#Hungarian relationships constantly thus; #Hungary is seen as pro-#Putin state from #Washington. #minority #national minority

DK demands info on number of criminals who received Hungarian citizenship

#DK has estimated that as many as 5,000-6,000 criminals could have received #Hungarian #citizenship.

Thousands of Russian criminals might have received Hungarian citizenship

Five-six thousand criminals from the area of the former Soviet Union... #hungary #hungarian #citizenship

GE Hungary signs EUR 793m Paks turbine contract

A consortium led by the local unit of General Electric was reported to have won the tender to supply the turbines a week earlier

LMP: Fidesz is the greatest risk to national security

LMP: while Fidesz uses the alleged "Soros Plan" linked to US financier George Soros to incite fear in Hungarians, the party itself is a foreign-funded organisation

Fidesz and Jobbik have changed palces internationally, says Jobbik MP – Interview

If Jobbik wins the Hungarian elections in April, these will be the first steps: #hungary #jobbik #dipmlomacy #foreignpolicy #usa #russia #china #HungrayElection2018

The Hungarian Defence Forces need 40 new helicopters

"The twelve Russian made Mi-24 helicopters currently undergoing comprehensive modernization in Russia will be in service until 2025"

Opposition LMP: Hungary in ‘eleventh hour’ to stop Paks project

"The project can only be thwarted if the current government is ousted in the upcoming election"

Holocaust-survivor professor: “Jobbik was never a neo-Nazi party”

Professor Ágnes Heller stated that Jobbik is no longer a racist or far-right party, and it struggles to re-establish constitution state in Hungary.

Hungary prosecutor presses charges against Jobbik MEP

The Constitutional Protection Office filed a complaint against Kovács in April 2014 for the crime of spying on European Union institutions

The characteristics of the 2017 Hungarian foreign trade’s first half

#Tourism, which brought a 3.3-billion-euro surplus last year in #Hungary, plays an outstanding role in the revival of services’ performance!

Hungary’s suspicious relations with the great powers

An American committee is suspicious about Hungary's Russian relations

New Paks blocks will be highly safe

The two new Paks power plant buildings constructed by Russian-owned Rosatom company will be safe, says company

America sees Hungary as pro-Putin state

Hungary needs to develop direct contacts to American investors because State Department considers it as a pro-Putin state.

Hungary to start calling down Paks loan from Russia

Eighty percent of the invoices will be paid out from an inter-state loan agreement concluded with Russia and the rest from Hungary's central budget