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The Hungarian Defence Forces need 40 new helicopters

"The twelve Russian made Mi-24 helicopters currently undergoing comprehensive modernization in Russia will be in service until 2025"

Opposition LMP: Hungary in ‘eleventh hour’ to stop Paks project

"The project can only be thwarted if the current government is ousted in the upcoming election"

Holocaust-survivor professor: “Jobbik was never a neo-Nazi party”

Professor Ágnes Heller stated that Jobbik is no longer a racist or far-right party, and it struggles to re-establish constitution state in Hungary.

Hungary prosecutor presses charges against Jobbik MEP

The Constitutional Protection Office filed a complaint against Kovács in April 2014 for the crime of spying on European Union institutions

The characteristics of the 2017 Hungarian foreign trade’s first half

#Tourism, which brought a 3.3-billion-euro surplus last year in #Hungary, plays an outstanding role in the revival of services’ performance!

Hungary’s suspicious relations with the great powers

An American committee is suspicious about Hungary's Russian relations

New Paks blocks will be highly safe

The two new Paks power plant buildings constructed by Russian-owned Rosatom company will be safe, says company

America sees Hungary as pro-Putin state

Hungary needs to develop direct contacts to American investors because State Department considers it as a pro-Putin state.

Hungary to start calling down Paks loan from Russia

Eighty percent of the invoices will be paid out from an inter-state loan agreement concluded with Russia and the rest from Hungary's central budget

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow and Budapest are concerned about Kiev’s “Ukrainization” policy

#Russia and #Hungary expressed their deep concerns over #Kiev policy of total "#Ukrainization" of the country and its detrimental impact on #Ukraine's national minorities

Traditions, faith jeopardised by nihilism, says House Speaker Kövér in Saint Petersburg

George Soros, the "emblematic" US billionaire, is "one of the most agile players of those private powers" - House Speaker László Kövér

LMP initiates referendum on ‘Paks 3’ plan

"Only the Hungarian people have a right to decide on the use of nuclear energy in Hungary" - #lmp

Further developments needed in Paks after 2030, says minister

The 12 billion dollar Paks upgrade would start in January next year

Hungary facing dilemma over gas imports, says Hungarian FM

"We have no choice but to extend our #gas supply agreement with #Russia beyond 2021"

Russian Rosatom pledges full transparency for Paks expansion project

Alexey Likhachev, head of #Rosatom, visits Hungary with a large delegation