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Socialists file complaint against Orbán for nationalising private pension funds

Socialists: 'the ruling parties have wastefully spent the monies instead of implementing the guarantees to preserve them'

Socialists call for basic public utilities package

Socialists propose introducing a basic package for public utilities

Socialists demand proof for existence of ‘Soros Plan’

The party insists that the "Soros Plan" did not exist but was "invented by Fidesz's PR machinery"

Opposition PM candidate: Majority of Hungarians want change

He described ruling Fidesz as the best-organised minority

Paks block 4 sinking, says Socialist MP

"The fourth block of Hungary's single #nuclear #power #plant in Paks is sinking"

Opposition should choose PM candidate able to unify most parties, says PM candidate for Socialists and Párbeszéd

The opposition stands a chance at the spring election if they can convince people that the word "politics" does not stand for warfare and stealing, said Karácsony.

Fidesz suspects broad left-wing involvement in Czeglédy corruption case

"Governing #Fidesz believes the #corruption #case of Csaba Czeglédy could involve the entire left wing of Hungarian politics"

DK leader hails agreement with Socialists for 2018 election

Gyurcsány expressed hope that DK would reach further agreements on election cooperation with other democratic parties

Leftist opposition: A “gentle and soft-spoken” government at stake at next year’s election

"Our job is to establish peace, first within the opposition base and then for the country as a whole"

Audit office sends audit draft reports to six Hungarian parties

"It seems that everything is fine with Fidesz, but LMP is one of the biggest obstacles to democracy"

Socialists, DK agree not to challenge one another in individual constituencies

Socialist leader: "I think we have concluded a correct and fair deal"

Karácsony says PM candidacy conditional on common opposition national list

Socialist Party, Párbeszéd and the Liberal Party support drawing up a common national list but DK and Együtt do not! - Gergely Karácsony

Election 2018: Opposition PM-candidate to set up shadow government

The party is open to further cooperation with opposition parties

Socialists approve of the left’s joint PM candidate

The left's joint candidate said: "if you need me, I will come ... and bring with me everything I know."

Socialists: Vision of ‘fourth republic’ key Socialist election campaign message

The Socialist Party's (#MSZP) vision for the "Hungarian 4th republic" will be at the heart of its campaign leading up to the spring 2018 general election

Holocaust-survivor professor: “Jobbik was never a neo-Nazi party”

Professor Ágnes Heller stated that Jobbik is no longer a racist or far-right party, and it struggles to re-establish constitution state in Hungary.

EP Social Democrat leader slams Hungary government migration policy

Gianni Pittella warned to keep the principle of solidarity in the foreground to avoid "Viktor Orbán cherry-picking what he likes from the EU"