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‘Hungarian Uber’ to reform goods transportation market?

The ‘Hungarian Uber’ provides transport organization services which can result in a 40-50% save regarding shipment costs.

Foreign minister: Chinese financing is best for Budapest-Belgrade rail project

The exact cost of the financing will become clear after the completion of the public procurement

New direct bus line starts from Budapest to Vienna for 9 euros

The new bus line will take you 6 times per day from Budapest to Vienna ;)

Budapest’s transportation before paved roads

Do you know what an omnibus is? Let's find out! :) #historylessonoftheday

CHRISTMAS UPDATE – Opening hours and schedules during the holiday in Hungary

Get updated information about transportation schedules and opening hours during the holiday!

The Hungarian Defence Force buys two A319 aircraft

Great news! The current An-26 transport aircraft were 40-45 years old...

Hungarian state institutions get electric vehicles

There are now more than 3,500 EVs in Hungary, nearly double the number just one year ago.

Debrecen Airport to receive EUR 3.8 million investment aid from EC

The modernisation of the airport consists of security and safety updates

Hungary to be put on Tesla’s map of countries seriously concentrating on the automotive industry?

"Hungary's success in this new epoch of carmaking will be crucial for the whole of the economy"

Production of world-class buses to start in East Hungary

"Thanks to recently implemented measures, the number of buses produced by Hungarian manufacturers has more than doubled over the past one year”