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Funniest Hungarian mistranslations in Friends

The Day of the Hungarian Language was on 13 November, so why not take a look at what we create with our beautifully rich language? Do you also put lumpfish in your mashed potatoes? :)

Organisations of György Soros have a serious influence on European policy making

Do you agree that György Soros has such an influence over the EU?

A coalition backing Hungary’s position on migration is taking shape

Do you think the member states are able to take in as many migrants as they pledged to?

Is the internet free in Hungary?

Further details of Freedom House's report

‘Shocking and unusual’ for intervention in democratic country’s media

Szijjártó: "What is this if not interference in domestic affairs?"

America sees Hungary as pro-Putin state

Hungary needs to develop direct contacts to American investors because State Department considers it as a pro-Putin state.

Central Europe sees interest in strong US

28% of Hungarians view Trump positively

Attitudes similar to Hungary’s standpoint on migration are also gaining strength in the United States

According to the Chief Security Advisor, people smugglers have immediately exploited the renewed fighting in Libya

Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács visits New York

He had met with a business consulting company, with journalists from The Wall Street Journal, and with members of the local Hungarian community and with representatives of two American Jewish organisations.

No Hungarians among Texas shooting victims

Hungary stands by the United States in these difficult hours as a faithful ally

György Soros no longer the richest Hungarian?

"Tamás Péterffy owns twice as much as the total wealth of the 10 richest Hungarians."

Hungary’s president sends condolences over New York terror attack

The president has sent a message of condolences to the US President

Life in Budapest through an American’s eyes

An alien, a legal alien, an American man in Budapest. :)

Hungarian rowing success thanks to Florida-Hungary cooperation

The Hungarian and Florida representatives both hope for further friendly collaborations

The Hungarian founders of Hollywood

It might surprise you how big a role Hungarians played in the early days of Hollywood

LOT starts hiring Hungarian cabin crew for direct flights to US from Budapest

Polish airline #LOT will be launching direct passenger flights to #New #York and #Chicago from #Budapest