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“We live in the age of networks” – Insights from the President of Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Foundation

After the age of the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, electronics and the #computer, we now live in the age of #networks... #Hungary #technology #future

Most romantic spots in Hungary

Hungary cannot yet boast of crazy popularity in the tourism market and huge crowds of visitors. But this makes it beautiful. Moreover, those who once visited this corner of Europe will certainly come back again and again. The country does not seem hostile at all – it is romantic and hospitable. It can make a perfect destination for a honeymoon or just a romantic weekend for two. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Hungary, do not miss out on its six most striking romantic spots. Sponsored content Marzipan Museum 20 kilometres from Budapest, in the city of Szentendre, a very interesting spot is situated. ... Read more

7 Reasons to Choose MYSQL for Business Data Backup

#MySQL is an exceptional database management system, read details HERE:

8 short Bob hairstyles to try this year

Short bob hairstyles are chic and sophisticated styles that always bounce back to fashion. Here are some styles to try this look.

Hungarian businessman everyday carry

Here are some of the essential items Hungarian businessmen include in their everyday carry ;)

Budapest listed among the best cities in the world to drink craft beer!

A handy guide to the best #craft #beers in the world! #cheers

Top-secret Southeast Asian beach hideouts for the best family vacations

#Bali is definitely one of the first countries that come to mind when you are thinking of a #Southeast #Asian #beach holiday ;)

5 reasons US travelers should embrace Budapest

But #Budapest is a brilliant place for US travelers regardless of their roots — here are five reasons they should embrace it

Why You need to get an ESTA when travelling to the US

The Visa Waiver Programme or VYP is a system in the US which allows citizens living in certain countries to visit the #USA

4 email marketing tactics

Marketing trends have been shaped many times over the past decades and this is why they are called contemporary

Moving 101: The stuff you can’t ship

Every mover out there wishes it could just zip up your house, put it on the truck, and get it going to your new location :) #useful #information #moving

Top money transfer apps in Hungary: Which are most popular?

What are your guesses? #Hungary #list #money #transfer

Number of US visa applications from Hungary remains very low

While the number of Hungarians studying abroad is continuously increasing, statistics show that the US is not among their top choices, more details HERE:

Psychometric Test – A Complete Guide

Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, read details HERE:

Learn Hungarian – Part 3: Essential Hungarian verbs and adjectives

Come and learn #Hungarian verbs and adjectives with us! #foreign #language

A business trip in Van Nuys: What to see

If you’re on a business trip to #LA, chances are you might either be landing in #VanNuys, or be based there ;)

Hungarian Adolescents and Drugs: How to Deal with Teens Addiction

In most cases, substance abuse starts during adolescence...