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Viktor Orbán: ‘Stop Soros’ laws to open new chapter

"Hungary's policy is unchanged: it will not take in migrants or resettle anyone in the country"

Socialists file complaint against Orbán for nationalising private pension funds

Socialists: 'the ruling parties have wastefully spent the monies instead of implementing the guarantees to preserve them'

Freedom House: Hungary is the least democratic country in the EU

In the recent report dubbed Freedom in the World, Freedom House qualified Hungary as a free country but gave it 72 points out of 100, the lowest among European Union member states, and four points down from last year’s score. The rights organisation expressed concerns stating that Hungarians are increasingly afraid of expressing their political opinions because of what it termed as the growing intimidation of NGOs and the opposition. Freedom in the World 2018 – Democracy in Crisis By Michael J. Abramowitz, President Political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than ... Read more

Orbán: 2018 to be critical year for Europe

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: Europe "had to save the Schengen system if it was to retain or boost its competitiveness."

US congressman calls for better US-Hungary ties

Hungarian-US relations have improved under the Trump administration but US policy needs further correction in this regard, he insisted.

‘Hungary didn’t want migrants, Germany did’ – German Bild’s interview with Orbán

Multiculturalism is an illusion, #Muslim and #Christian societies will never connect, he said. "We [Hungary] do not want this. - PM Orbán

PM Orbán meets Seehofer in Bavaria

2018 will be the year for restoring the people’s will, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in Germany #Horst #Seehofer #csu #migration #terrorism #Schengen #germany #bavaria #bajern #bajorország

Hungarian FM dismisses Schulz remarks on Orbán, migration policy

"Schulz constantly attacked Hungary for its policy which "protected all Germans" - Hungarian FM

Jobbik slams Orbán’s plan to ask voters for donations 

Thousands of billions of forints have disappeared, over which Orbán alone now disposes, and this man is now asking voters for money - Jobbik

Polish PM highlights importance of V4 cooperation – Morawiecki in Budapest

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Budapest on Wednesday stressed the significance of Visegrad cooperation. The central European region is a stabilising force in the European Union and it wants to have a say in the bloc according to its weight, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a press conference after a meeting with his Polish counterpart.  The four Visegrad countries are important constituents of the European Union, contributing to its economic growth and stability, Morawiecki told. “We trust in the EU and in its values, and seek to jointly develop it,” he said. The Polish premier said they completely shared the ... Read more

New Polish Prime Minister to visit Hungary at the beginning of January

New Polish PrM Mateusz Morawiecki’s first official foreign bilateral visit will take place in Hungary #poland #hungary #Morawiecki #orbán

Orbán: Europe must defend Christian culture

"We Europeans live in a culture that is structured by the teachings of Christ" - PM Orbán Christmas interview, read details here:

Orbán expects ‘another attack’ against Hungary on migrant quotas

"We must hold on until people in western Europe get strong enough and are able to force their leaders to pursue politics that reflect the people's wish and rejects migration"

PM Orbán’s favourite entrepreneur is richer than Habsburgs were

Interesting calculations show that former gas fitter and PM Viktor Orbán’s friend Lőrinc Mészáros has bigger wealth than Habsburgs had 90 years ago.

LMP PM candidate urges government change, new directions at ‘Christmas rally’

"The upcoming election may be the last chance to fix Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's historic mistake" - #LMP PM candidate #hungaryelection2018

Jobbik stages demonstration at Fidesz headquarters

"It is not by accident that Viktor Orbán always pretends to be a freedom fighter while in reality he is stealing our freedom as a petty and coward thief" - Gábor Vona

Visegrád countries to contribute to Libya border control

"The Visegrád Four decided today to provide significant financial support and assistance to help Italy to protect its maritime borders and thus protect Europe and us as well"

Socialists: Vision of ‘fourth republic’ key Socialist election campaign message

The Socialist Party's (#MSZP) vision for the "Hungarian 4th republic" will be at the heart of its campaign leading up to the spring 2018 general election