These Hungarian designer bags will always have your back

Whether you are preparing for a hiking or the new school year, Hungary has some trustworthy and beautiful backpacks to offer. On our list of the wonderful Hungarian bag brands, you will definitely find something that matches your style.

After showing you five great Hungarian interior designers, it was high time we wrote about these excellent bags. All of them are unique, made from quality materials and designed by Hungarian talents. They have something to offer for everyone: urban style, clever packing, hiking, elegance or lively colours:

you are sure to find a reliable companion.

Tinta bags

Tinta bags are decorated with Eszter Schall’s patterns. The creators have fallen in love with the screen printing technique in 2015 and set out to make unique, quality products from natural materials. They chose bags to fulfil this dream and have been working ever since to create the bag of your dreams.

Colourful Tinta bag. Photo:

Ducsai Leather Goods

As the name suggests, the brand Ducsai offers a lot more than backpacks: they have bags, accessories and even home décor.

The brand started in 2011, always keeping an eye on the needs of the customer. Most of the time they use high-quality leather tanned with plants, but they love to match it with unusual textiles, mixing modern materials with traditional techniques.

The main intention is always to create a practical, functional product and to suit all your needs they even accept customised orders.

Ducsai leather backpack. Photo:

Delka bag

If you buy a Delka bag, you do not have to worry about bumping into an identical one every day. They create handcrafted products, with unique designs and produce only a limited number of them. Most bags are made of long-lasting furniture textiles, leather and textile-leather. The brand prefers a simple yet maximalist cut to achieve a comfortable everyday look.

Delka bag. Photo:


If you are a nature lover than YKRA is your new best friend. Oldschool 70’s hiking backpacks inspire their bags. They aim at a retro mountaineering style, combined with high quality and cheerful colours. The bags are handcrafted, and according to the brand’s site,

“they are made to be used for a long time, and become uniquely yours through use and wear”.

Ykra is made for hiking. Photo:


All H.ELIX backpacks are unique with brave patterns and a mixture of different materials. However, you can also combine the colours and prints yourself, and ask them to realise your dream. These bags will be with you anywhere, as they are made waterproof, super comfortable, have functional pockets – and you can even use the extra material of the lid, to make the bag bigger.

Different colours and patterns from H.ELIX. Photo:

We hope that you got in the mood for buying a new bag from a Hungarian designer. They are sure to make your autumn more comfortable, stylish and happy. And if you also take a fancy to go hiking, then check out these great panoramic places to see.

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