What a selfie! The Terminator feat. PM Viktor Orbán feat. Media Guru Andy Vajna

As you might know, Budapest has become the temporary home of everyone’s terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He arrived a few months ago and has been enjoying his stay since. It seems like he also had time to meet the first man of Hungary…

We have had several reports about the everyday activities of Mr Schwarzenegger in our capital. Among others, he got back his trophy from a Hungarian powerlifter, went biking around the city, visited some of the best restaurants, celebrated his birthday and wished his son a similarly Happy Birthday.

For that matter, the former governor of California is in Hungary to film the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise. Schwarzenegger plays the cyborg for the fifth time since he was present only with the help of digital graphics in the fourth part.

But back to the news! Hvg.hu and many other websites discovered that Tímea Vajna, wife of Andy Vajna, shared a few Instagram stories Sunday night that featured an illustrious company.

The first photo features (as seen on the cover photo) the Terminator taking a selfie with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Government Commissioner of Film Industry Andy Vajna.

What is more, the next story shows a more extended picture with Anikó Lévai and Gáspár Orbán, the wife and son of the Prime Minister.

Photo: www.instagram.com/timeavajna

Last but not least, Tímea Vajna also shared a photo, according to which Arnold Schwarzenegger adores the doughnuts of her shop, Mr.Funk. Maybe you can catch him there one morning…

Photo: www.instagram.com/timeavajna

Featured image: www.instagram.com/timeavajna