Love is a complex yet simple, a painful yet pleasing, definitely life-changing phenomenon: no wonder that love is one of the most popular topics among artists and audience alike. gathered some citations from famous Hungarian poets and writers about love. We selected the 10 most beautiful ones.

Endre Ady (1877-1919)

“Love was not given to me as a gift,
A knightly joust, joyful and swift,
But as a mournful, deadly-happy strife,
Playing with death, living a hidden life.”

Attila József (1905-1937)

“If you laughed, I smiled with you, too.
After supper, I sat beside you.
You asked for my heart as a price,
And I began to tell you everything nice.”

Miklós Radnóti (1909-1944)

“In your arms, I am tendered quietly.
In my arms you are tendered quietly.
In your arms I’m a child in silence.
I’m cradling you in my arms in silence.
In your arms you embrace me when I’m afraid.
In my arms I embrace you, I’m not afraid.
In your arms death doesn’t cast fear on me.
In your arms death is a mere dream only.”

Sándor Petőfi (1823-1849)

“What should I call you?
Mother of my happiness,
Fairy daughter of a
Celestial illusion,
Glimmering reality
Exceeding my wildest hopes,
My soul’s only
Treasure that worth a world,
My sweet pretty young Bride,
What should I call you?”

Gyula Juhász (1883-1937)

“I don’t know, what it is, but it’s so sweet,
Even when it hurts, I just let it.
If it’s a folly, a mistake, let it be,
If it’s love, then please, forgive me!”

Mihály Babits (1883-1941)

“In the depths of your shining grey eyes, my Darling,
In quiet, chiming miracle bells are ringing,
In quiet, – hidden from hearing or even seeing:
Love like mine makes them visible, my Darling!”

Sándor Márai (1900-1989)

“It requires great courage to let to be loved unconditionally. Courage, almost heroism. Most people are not able to give and receive love, because they are cowardly and vain, fearing the fall. They are embarrassed to give and even more embarrassed to be revealed to the other, to give their secret away. That sad secret that a human being needs tenderness, they cannot live without it. I believe this is the truth.”

Gyula Illyés (1902-1983)

“Love me, don’t ask me, why,
If not for myself: for yourself,
For the future or a day,
For this gentle smile
That was tasted by your lips,
For the taste
That this fresh moment gives.”

András Sütő (1927-2006)

“The Sun goes cold, the Earth dries out,
The sky is empty without you,
And I am no one if you are not with me.
So much I love you!”

Lőrinc Szabó (1900-1957)

“I kiss all your minutes,
Your taste remains on my lips,
Where you step, I kiss the ground,
I kiss the minute when you are waiting around,
From a great distance, I’m searching for you,
I’m in love, in love, in love with you.”

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