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Cofounders of Daily News Hungary: Márta Kató and Alpár Kató

The editorial staff of Daily News Hungary aims to provide comprehensive information and news highlights related to the Hungarian nation for all non-Hungarian speakers who are residents of Hungary and any readers living all over the world interested in our country. Our website will also operate as a portal that releases and collects news. Another important aim is to convey the Hungarian feeling and atmosphere to our visitors so that they can get an insight into our people’s life.

We believe that our visitors know how to read between the lines and they can form their opinion based on their own political beliefs. The Hungarian political arena is not simple but we will do our best to help readers understand and grasp Hungarian politics through our news. Our business and social news will also be instrumental in providing insight into what happens in Hungary. The culture and sports sections will present the efforts and achievements of talented Hungarians.

Why do Hungarians wear a band with the national colours in the middle of March? Which is the most popular Hungarian spice? What are the unique features of the Hungarian Easter holidays? You will find the answers to these and other similar questions in the “Hungarian Special” section. Since the editorial staff of the website also intends to provide general information about Hungarians we will share some exciting facts about our nation as well. You might find it interesting to browse through all of these articles since they can help you to get a better understanding of Hungarian culture and Hungarian people.

We will collect the best news and publish our own opinions, our readers’ letters, and other articles so that visitors to the Daily News Hungary can find all the news about Hungary in English.

We wish you a pleasant reading experience and hope our website will provide interesting and exciting information for our visitors.

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The editorial staff

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Martin Németh
Dóra Busi

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