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What happened today in Hungary? — 24 April, 2024

Hungarian passengers stranded, new flight, Primark in Hungary, Wolt's guest workers, BudapestGO app innovation, new tourist attraction and more! #whathappenedtoday #topnews

PHOTOS: New tourist attraction opens at Lake Balaton: everyone can visit the former factory site

Have you ever been to Siófok? #siófok #balaton #tourism #floodgate

What happened in Hungary today? — 23 April, 2024

New direct flight, gastronomy tourism in Hungary, Budapest beer city, largest plane lands in Hungary, new McDonald's, Lake Balaton festivals and more! #topnews #whathappenedtoday

Another Chinese city to be directly accessible from Budapest this summer!

From the summer, travellers can reach 6 major Chinese cities directly from Budapest. #china #budapest #airport #flight

IMF forecast: Hungary’s economy to return to growth this year

Only Malta, Romania and Poland are expected to grow at a faster clip of 3.5-4.0 percent. #economy #imf #eu

What happened today in Hungary? – 22 April, 2024

Top news from Hungary: snow in Kékestető, best cheese desserts, new law for guest workers, Erasmus and THE, Israeli and Nigerian criminal, Gazprom with Fradi

What happened today in Hungary? – 21 April, 2024

Here is what happened today: Budapest architectural marvels, new planes in Debrecen, new F&B bar at Budapest Airport, starfall in Hungary. #whathappened

Good news for Sunday: Italian F&B bar opened at Budapest Airport

Here is the real Italian experience at Budapest Airport. #Italy #Budapest #BudapestAirport #BottegaProsecco

Spectacular starfall expected in Hungary!

Prepare for the biggest starfall of the year! #starfall #shootingstars #space

PM Orbán’s candidate Szentkirályi ready to defeat opposition mayor of Budapest – UPDATED

Alexandra Szentkirályi has collected "the required number or even more" of recommendation slips to run. Will she defeat Karácsony? #Szentkirályi #fidesz #elections2024 #budapest

What happened today in Hungary? — 20 April, 2024

Uber in Budapest, traffic restrictions, tourist centre renovated at Lake Balaton, demonstration on the Danube, Russian provocations and more! #topnews #whathappenedtoday

What happened today in Hungary? – 19 April, 2024

Here is what happened today: manhunt against Nepalis, Király Thermal Bath may reopen, Louis Vuitton burglary, Budapest Airport's 'secret' terminal. #whathappened

Here is how Former PM Gyurcsány’s party wants to unseat PM Orbán

Can Ferenc Gyurcsány ever defeat PM Orbán? #gyurcsány #orbán #dk #government

Nézőpont: Europeans shared surprising opinion about the EU’s crisis management

Are you satisfied with the EU's crisis management concerning illegal migration, war in Ukraine? #war #migration #eu #europeanunion

What happened today in Hungary? — 18 April, 2024

New Hilton hotel, extended border control, Wizz Air offer, guest workers in Hungary, free Danube beach, bicycle on motorway, forint and more! #whathappenedtoday #topnews

VIDEO: What’s happening in Hungary? Food delivery rider on the motorway

Cycling on the motorway? Footage of a food delivery rider on a bicycle on the M0 ring road in Hungary has gone viral. #cycling #fooddelivery #motorway #shocking

FM Szijjártó: Hungarians in Croatia have again shown force

"Hungarians in Croatia have again shown force" so Róbert Jankovics will be the lawmaker with the third biggest legitimacy in Croatia's parliament. #croatia #hungarians #politics

Forint wakes to a good morning, breaks through crucial levels

This morning was a good one for the Hungarian currency. #forint #euro #dollar #currency

What happened today in Hungary? – 17 April, 2024

Here is what happened in Hungary: flight cancelled at Budapest Airport, new museum opened, Uber in Budapest, Time Out Market comes to Hungary.

What happened today in Hungary? – 16 April, 2024

Top news from Hungary: threat of terrorism, forints in the abyss, cost of rent, extreme weather alert, Orbán in Brussels, cheap beer and conspirancy