Hungarian Central Bank leader Matolcsy elaborates on the future of the EU

matolcsy orbán
"European history is written outside of the EU." #Europe #EU #Hungary #USA

Orbán: M30 high-speed road connects Miskolc with the city of Košice in Slovakia

kosice miskolc
🇸🇰🇭🇺 The opening ceremony of the M30 high-speed road linking the northeastern Hungarian city of Miskolc with the eastern Slovakian city of Kosice (Kassa)

Biden administration interfering in Hungary’s 2022 general elections, says Hungarian deputy state secretary

Ferenc Dancs, the deputy state secretary for North America of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry
An official of #Hungary's foreign ministry made serious accusations in Washington. #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #Budapest #government #ViktorOrbán #Biden #diplomacy

Orbán cabinet in favour of ‘Europe of strong nations’, says minister

"EU was blocking nearly EUR 7bn worth of recovery funding for Hungary purely for political reasons"

Palkovics: V4 to boost cooperation on higher education

So far 21 Hungarian universities have shifted from being state-run to being operated by an asset management foundation

Jobbik MEP Gyöngyösi: Why we can’t make progress in the EU’s Western Balkans enlargement

@GyongyosiMarton It’s a real Catch-22 situation: while the accession of the Western Balkans would pose an unprecedentedly high risk of the EU’s disintegration, any rejection would mean a potentially even bigger security and economic threat